Transition into Spring & Out of Lockdown

So this year, I feel like the transition from Winter into Spring feels so much bigger than usual. Here in the UK, we are on the road out of a strict lockdown which we’ve been living in since the New Year and the prospect of lighter nights and warmer weather, along with being able to go out and about more is a momentous moment! I’ve been daydreaming about my Spring outfits after spending the last 12 months in loungewear but you may be surprised to know, that loungewear is still going to be a big trend as we move into the new season.

I’ll be honest, I’m definitely not mad about it and it’s going to make my first trips outdoors a lot easier. The key is to create blended outfits with elements of loungewear, bought to life with classic Spring pieces which will elevate the look and give a more ‘put together’ feel.

I’m planning to talk to you about Spring trend pieces a lot more over the coming weeks, but I wanted to start off with one classic piece that can be worn year in, year out and is the perfect thing to pair with your loungewear. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m talking about the timeless trench coat.

I picked mine up from Zara over 12 months ago now and I always get so much wear out of it in the Spring months. The muted shade means it can be paired with almost any outfit and it can be easily dressed up or down depending on what kind of look you want to go for. As I mentioned above, loungewear will still be really present for the foreseeable so I’ve thrown my trench on here, with a pair of gym leggings and trainers, making it a really simple and comfortable, on trend outfit combination.

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