The Gift Guide Series: Letterbox Gifting

Welcome to the very first instalment of my 2020 Gift Guide Series! This will be the first time I’ve ever put a Christmas gift guide together, but I thought that some of you may enjoy a little more help planning your gift giving than usual, given the strange circumstances we’re all in. For this first post, I want to focus on Letterbox Gifting, purely because it’s the most accessible and stress-free way of sending little gestures to our loved ones whilst in and out of varying lockdowns and restrictions. 

So I actually started to write a post about Letterbox Gifting earlier in the year (during the first UK lockdown to be exact) and for some reason, never got round to finishing it. However, the beauty of Letterbox Gifting is that it doesn’t just apply to a specific time of year and is something we can absolutely make the most of all year round. So even if you don’t find anything here suitable for your Christmas gifts, why not bookmark a few of my suggestions for future birthdays and special occasions?

The idea of Letterbox Gifting for me originated from the desire of wanting to support smaller businesses more than ever, whether that be shopping more locally for groceries or searching online for more bespoke, unique gift ideas. Previously to this, I have only really ever sent Letterbox Gifting in the form of flowers from the one and only Bloom and Wild, which, might I add have been very well received. However, on my hunt for various gifting over the last few months, I found a whole host of amazing ideas housed on Not On The High Street and that’s what I want to talk you through today. So grab a hot chocolate, pop The Holiday on Netflix and let the Christmas shopping commence…

Three Months Of Fresh Pasta | Gift Subscription by PASTA EVANGELISTS £51.00

Ok, so I HAVE to start with this one because we ordered from Pasta Evangelists earlier in the year and the quality of their food is absolutely divine! I’m really into getting fresh food box deliveries as well as being obsessed (more than anyone in the world) with eating pasta, so if you know anyone similar this is the perfect gift for them. The lucky recipient of this box will receive a 3 month subscription to the Pasta Evangelists in the form of one lovely letterbox delivery per month, containing 2 meals worth of fresh ingredients to make at home. There’s not much that could beat this if you ask me, so make sure you head to the link above for all of your foodie friends.

Beard Grooming Kit by MO BRO’S £25

A little bit of self-care now, and this beard grooming kit is an absolute bargain at £25. It contains everything the beard-loving man in your life would ever need to prep and preen his facial hair ready for venturing out into the public again, including beard oil, soap, wax and more. I love little sets like this, because everything matches and comes in it’s own little carry case which I find hugely satisfying and nice on the eye.

Mixed “Kocktail Box” by KOCKTAIL £39

One of my favourite things about receiving Christmas gifts is being able to try out new things that I would never usually buy for myself, so this Letterbox Gift is perfect for that because I find that when buying any type of alcohol, I never stray too far from my usual choices and very rarely try anything new. With this box, the giftee will receive a box of four carefully crafted cocktails along with garnishes and information cards on each, perfect for those aspiring cocktail connoisseurs.

These boxes come with highly rated reviews and they even have a monthly subscription service if you would prefer to continue your gift giving all-year round.

Confectionery Retro Sweets Letterbox Gift by VIRGINIA HAYWARD £14.99

I’ve seen SO many people making use of confectionery deliveries during lockdown and why not? I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love a film night at home complete with a massive bag of sweets – we’ve not had much chance to visit the cinema this year so these at home “Cinema nights” seem to be becoming the norm. Retro sweets are always a winner so why not surprise your bestie with a box full of the golden oldies from Flumps and Dip Dabs to Curly Wurlys and Rolos this Christmas. This fab company also try and use as much environmentally friendly packaging as they can, so no need to worry about unnecessary and excessive bits of plastic packing.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love a pamper night, in fact, it’s a weekly ritual of mine that keeps me feeling good in mind, body and soul, so for that reason, I absolutely have to include some pamper boxes in this post. I’ve picked not one but two in the hope I can cater to as many of you as possible. So whether it’s your mum, nan, partner or best friend there will hopefully be something for one of them below.

Letterbox Vegan ‘Pamper Me Time’ Bath Set by APHRODITE & ARES £24.90

This has to be one of the most conscious and thought-out letterbox pamper gift sets that I’ve seen. Not only are all products vegan but the entire box is plastic free and printed with eco-ink which make it ideal for any of your friends and family who are conscious about their impact on the environment. The set includes vegan soap, botanical bath salts, a volcanic lava foot stone and a cotton muslin, all gift wrapped in a gorgeous box and ribbon; it’s something I would love to open from under the tree on Christmas morning.

‘Spa Night In’ Letterbox Gift Set For Her by CORAL & MOSS £55

Although a little bit more pricey, this Letterbox Gift gives a truly luxurious take on that oh so special “me time” we all crave. This ‘Spa Night In’ set comprises of a number of beautiful bath time goodies like bath salts, soaps and scented tea lights designed to help the favourite women in your life relax and unwind. All of the products inside the box are made in a studio in Cornwall and are infused with lovely botanicals, and there is also an option to write a personalised telegram for the recipient which arrives with the box.

6 Month Sock Subscription by HENRY J SOCKS £36

Some of you may find this surprising, but there are some people among us who would love a good sock subscription. Again, I think the beauty of this is that it takes away the monotony of having to go out and buy yourself new socks every few months, because you have a new pair coming through the letter box every 4 weeks! These ones from Henry J Socks come in various colours and patterns and you can choose from a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to fit in with your pressie budget this year.

Dried Letterbox Flower Stems by WILD ABOUT FLOWERS £28.25

Last but not least, are these beautiful dried flower stems. I mentioned earlier that I’ve received and sent fresh letterbox flowers in the past, but dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular for home decor and the beauty of gifting these, rather than fresh flowers for Christmas is that the recipient gets to keep them for much longer. The lovely bunches from Wild About Flowers contain stems of pampas grass and bunnytails, among other things, all in a neutral colour theme, perfect for any home.

I’ve chosen only a small selection of Letterbox Gifts from Not on the High Street to show you today, but of course, head to their website to view the full range.

The idea of letterbox gifting to me is fantastic, not only for now, in times of isolation and lockdown but even for when we move out of this and back into normal life. The boxes that some of the creators have put together are so perfectly curated and they cover almost every individual and situation. They are great for when you can’t quite get round to see the person you’re buying for due to time constraints in a busy life or also when you can’t quite get to them due to long distances. We no longer have to settle for an I.O.U. or some money in a card but instead, we can carefully choose which lovingly created, rectangular box suits a person best and deliver it straight to their door.

Happy gifting and look out for Gift Guide no.2 coming soon!

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