Three Coat Trends for Winter 2020

Ok, it’s been a while, I know. But I’m back and hoping to inspire you over the coming weeks with all things fashion and festive! Autumn/Winter is one of my favourite times to dress for and a huge reason for that is because I absolutely love coats. I usually buy one new coat every Winter, although I could definitely buy A LOT more, but as I only buy one it’s a decision I take very, very carefully. I’m usually scouring the shops for weeks beforehand to make sure I’m making the best decision and through my constant searching, this year I’ve come across some gorgeous coat trends for the 2020 Winter Season.

I’ve picked three of my favourite coat trends this year and pulled together 6 variations of each to share with you below, along with ways to style them and direct shopping links to help you on your way.

The Quilted Duvet Coat

So this year, a major coat trend is the diamond quilted, duvet style coat and it’s probably my favourite of them all. Any duvet coat is a dream to wear but I love the new diamond shape of the quilting on these as it makes them much less bulky and more stylish in my eyes. For me, this design is a lot more chic and a lot of the styles I’ve seen on the high street also have a waist belt which adds extra shape and brings a more feminine edge, than the huge oversized puffer.

Although a duvet coat is naturally a more casual style, there are SO many ways to wear them and they surprisingly work well dressed up a little with straight leg jeans and heeled boots, or a dress and knee high flat boots. If you’re looking for a puffer style coat that’s a bit more versatile, I would definitely go for this diamond quilted option.

1.ASOS DESIGN Quilted Chuck on Coat in black £60.00
2.Zara Oversized Quilted Coat with water and wind protection £89.99
3.& Other Stories Belted Quilt Coat £135.00
4.ASOS DESIGN Longline Diamond Quilted Maxi Coat £65.00
5.Zara Oversized Puffer Coat £59.99
6.H&M Quilted Coat £79.99

The Beige Tone Longline Coat

This style of coat comes round every Winter and for that reason, I think it’s the perfect Winter coat to invest in. It’s an absolute classic and can be worn with pretty much anything and for so many different occasions.

If you want to go really formal, you can go for a structured, double breasted style with a longer length and padded shoulders or alternatively, for a more casual vibe choose an oversized style with hidden buttons or drop shoulders.

Beige toned Winter coats really do stand the test of time and I’ve seen so many variations on the high street this year that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

1. H&M Calf-length Coat £59.99
2. River Island Belted Utility Coat £80.00
3. Mango Wool Double-Breasted Coat £179.99
4. & Other Stories Hourglass Wool Blend Coat £175.00
5. Mango Buttoned Wool Coat £79.99
6. ASOS DESIGN Oversized Brushed Coat £75.00

The Patterned Coat

I must admit that in the past, I tended to gravitate towards plain, block colours when buying new coats as they are an investment piece and I found that I got my most wear out of plain grey, black or navy as they are, of course, easier to style. That said, this year I’ve invested in a gorgeous Herringbone Coat and I’m absolutely in love with it. I wear a lot of black outfits and I find that wearing a patterned coat really adds interest to what could otherwise be, quite a boring or basic look.

Both Herringbone and Check are really on trend this Winter, but they are also quite classic patterns so I think they’ll carry through to next year really well, especially if you stick to one with just one or two colours in it.

1. H&M Wool-Blend Checked Coat £119.99
2. Zara Wool Blend Check Coat £119.00
3. New Look Black Check Belted Long Coat £59.99
4. Mango Textured Wrap Coat £119.99
5. Zara Wool Blend Check Coat £119.00
6. ASOS Design Oversized Herringbone Coat £80.00

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Winter coat edit and don’t forget to let me know which style is your favourite! You can also follow me over on my Instagram if you want to see the ways I’m styling my coats this year.

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