August Wishlist

It’s been a couple of months since I posted one of my monthly wish lists and I had considered changing the format or not doing them at all moving forward because I’m conscious that I don’t want to promote constantly buying new things, but it’s the start of my favourite shopping season so I just couldn’t miss talking to you about some of my favourite pieces.

I think the thing to remember is to just buy what you need, rather than all the things you want or are lusting over on a whim. You will most probably need a few new bits as we move into the new season but look at what’s missing and only buy those pieces that will add value and bring something extra to your wardrobe. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve already started picking up some Autumn pieces to add to my wardrobe, things such as light weight jackets and thin knits are the perfect additions for this time of year because you can wear them with shorts or dresses to add an extra layer of warmth, without going full on into heavy layers and thick fabrics.

I’ve pulled together 9 items I’ve added to my wish list over the past month or so and who knows, a couple of them may find themselves on the way to me verrrrry soon.

1. ASOS Design Oversized Utility Shacket £48.00
2. H&M Fine Knit Top £17.99
3. Zara Limited Edition Trench Coat £89.99
4. H&M Imitation Leather Trousers £24.99
5. Zara Poplin Shirt £25.99
6. ASOS Design Oversized Smock Dress £20.00
7. H&M Oversized Shacket £49.99
8. Mango Shoulder Pad T-Shirt £17.99
9. Mango Leather Boots with Track Sole £79.99

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