Why I like to shop the Summer sales for my Autumn/Winter pieces

Yes, I said it, Autumn/Winter! I’ve gone there and there’s no going back. So as we’re creeping further into the second half of the year, I’ve started to think about colder weather trends, mainly because it’s my favourite time of year to dress for and I get so excited at the thought of switching up my wardrobe, layering up and pulling the leather trousers back out!

I always start to think about Autumn/Winter trends around the start of August, because it coincides with my birthday and I always remember going ‘birthday’ clothes shopping when I was younger and seeing all the jackets, boots and new trends coming into stores.

For me, dressing for the A/W season takes a lot more thought and planning, I don’t think you can just go out and grab random pieces that go together, as easily as you can in the Summer months. Heavier, more bulky items can often be fairly costly as well and are definitely more expensive than the little vest and short combos you might have been buying more recently, so in addition to having more of a thought investment, there is also a higher monetary investment in A/W shopping. For this reason, I like the idea of starting to shop for the new season a little bit earlier and taking advantage of the Summer sales.

In general, I don’t tend to shop sales very much anymore, but when I do it’s for very particular items, so the idea of doing this for your A/W wardrobe is to really focus on those things that you need and not get drawn into the Summer bargains, as when done well this method can really pay off.



So here are three reasons why I love the idea of shopping the Summer sales now, to start getting your A/W wardrobe in shape.

You always need basics
No matter what season, you always need basics. Whether that be the simple white t-shirt to be worn underneath a woollen blazer, vest tops to layer underneath jumpers or just plain denim straight leg jeans, these are things that will be worn all year round so by shopping for these pieces in the sales, you can get a lot more for your money and also maybe invest in some items that would naturally be out of your price range during peak season, but are more affordable now due to end of seasons discounts.

Sustainability comes to mind here, because I’m always on the hunt for more sustainable and ethically made pieces of clothing, but a lot of the time the best pieces are outside of my budget – so by hunting them down again this time of year, I should be able to invest a lot more easily.

Another absolute win about going back to basics is that these are the items that don’t usually follow trends so it’s not like they will be out-dated come Winter. A white t-shirt is a white t-shirt whatever the weather, so think about what basics you might need in a few months time and see if you can get your hands on them now.



There are always trends that continue through the seasons

So I’m thinking faux leather trousers, flat chunky boots and camel tailored long-length coats;three pieces that I’ve seen gracing our high streets for at least, the last three to four Winter seasons. I could write a list much longer than this if needed and if you can think of similar ‘trend’ pieces that you like to wear, then this is the time to shop them.

Recently I’ve seen a pair of faux leather trousers from Mango for less than half the price that I would have bought them for in January, and this is the same for a couple of pairs of chunky boots that I had my eye on earlier in the year. There are always certain trend-led pieces that stick around for a few years so rather than waiting for the newest version to be released in mid-September, why not browse the sale rail and see if you can find something you like. There will be very minimal differences, if any, in the updated versions for this Winter.

A/W items can be costly
Finally, as I mentioned above, the bigger pieces that we tend to need in Winter such as boots and coats, are always much more expensive than Summer clothing and I won’t lie, I am partial to a new coat or two every year because it’s one of my favourite things about getting dressed for the colder weather. So, if I can use the late Summer sales to add a few necessities into my wardrobe at a cheaper price and save the rest of my money for any of the more expensive things that I might like to add to my collection from the brand new A/W trends later in the year, then it’s a win-win for me.

Is this similar to the way you shop for the new season? Is it something you’ve thought of doing before? Let me know in the comments below, as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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