The 10 x 10 Challenge: A Capsule Summer Wardrobe

Recently over on my Youtube channel, I decided to have a go at the 10 x 10 outfit challenge which is essentially choosing 10 different items and using them to create 10 different outfits, in an attempt to get more out of your wardrobe. It’s really useful if you’re planning a weekend away, or even if you want to minimise your normal wardrobe and just stick to buying classic pieces that you can mix and match again and again. I’ve seen this challenge done quite a few times on Youtube but the very first ones, I believe, came from The Anna Edit so I’ll link her channel here.

Given that we are in the midst of Summer in the UK, I chose to base my challenge around creating a summer wardrobe, so 10 different outfits to wear to various occasions and events throughout July and August. There are a couple of rules which I explain briefly in my video below, so if minimising your wardrobe and getting more out of your clothes is something you’re interested in, give it a watch and follow my channel for more of the same.


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