Spring Suits

Suits for Spring? Not exactly groundbreaking I hear you say, but suits are definitely an outfit choice I hadn’t thought about adopting into my own wardrobe until very recently.

I think a huge part of that was that the styles and shapes available were always really formal and I feel they have only recently started to break the mould and become wearable for everyday life. Now, my Pinterest 2020 style board is absolutely full to the brim of different inspo images that I’ve pulled together from various sources online and I have to say, I am fast becoming obsessed with this Spring trend.

How do I plan on wearing suits myself this season? Oversized is key for me and I actually find that to be true with a lot of items that I wear because I really think that oversized pieces make an outfit look more classic and stylish than when worn tightly fitted to the body. So for me, this trend will be all about grandad style blazers and waistcoats that are 2 sizes too big paired with knee-length bermuda shorts, belted at the waist or a beautiful pair of high-waisted wide-leg trousers.

The two suits below from Topshop are ideal colours for this season and feature the wide-leg trousers that I mentioned above and are again another big trend for Spring 2020.

TOPSHOP DOUBLETopshop Twill Suit – Blazer £49.00 & Trousers £30.00
Topshop Marl Suit – Trousers £39.00

Suits and co-ords are still fairly new to womenswear – outside of an office environment of course – and I think it’s a style we should embrace with the changing times as the lines between roles for men and women become more blurred and we move away from tradition. Suits don’t have to be kept for the office neither should they be kept only for the male counterparts in our lives and we should feel confident to wear them to any event or occasion.

I love the idea of making a suit more casual and wearable by pairing it with some trainers or chunky boots and I think that’s where my love of more oversized styles comes in, as naturally, they lend themselves to that kind of look.

ASOS, particularly ASOS DESIGN absolutely nail it with their suit collection; the shape, cut, style and sizing are all on point and bring to life everything I love in an oversized, wearable, casual womenswear suit.

ASOS DOUBLEASOS DESIGN Suit in Ecru – Blazer £55.00 & Trousers £35.00
ASOS DESIGN Extreme Suit in Charcoal – Blazer £58.00 & Trousers £35.00

I also love the two Bershka options below. I bought the trouser suit a few weeks ago and wear the trousers SO much with various different tops and blazers but I still can’t take my eye off the short suit, as the length and cut of the shorts are really flattering and I really like the contrast between the light colour fabric with the darker buttons.

BERSHKA DOUBLEBershka Beige Suit Blazer – £25.99 & Trousers £25.99
Bershka Shorts Suit Blazer – £45.99 & Shorts £19.99

Another huge positive to buying suits and co-ord sets, is that you get so much for your money, in the form of three (or more) outfits in one because you can wear the suit together as a set but then also pair either the jacket or bottoms with other pieces to make completely new outfits.

If you can find a staple suit that works with lots of basics in your wardrobe, you will achieve a lower cost per wear and you won’t have to go investing in loads of different pieces to ger your wardrobe ready for Spring.

Within these Zara picks below are a couple of great wardrobe staples due to their colour and classic style, but I also love the drama that the darker colour suit brings with it’s puff shoulders and cuff hem legs. Perfect for throwing on over basics to make a plain outfit more interesting.

ZARA TRIPLEZara Beige Suit – Blazer £69.99 & Trousers £29.99
Zara Puff-shoulder, Ankle-gathered Suit – Blazer £79.99 & Trousers £29.99
Zara Lapelless Blazer Suit – Blazer £59.99

What do you think of suits within Womenswear?

If you fancy some more ideas on how to style suits for Spring then don’t forget to follow my Pinterest boards here and you can find me here on Instagram to see ways I style suits into my own wardrobe.

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