My favourite ways to unwind after a day WFH

Recently, my morning and evening routines have become my landmarks for every day and I’m really precious about what I do and don’t do within that time. Since not going into the office each day, I’ve really enjoyed getting some extra time back which is usually sucked up with the daily commute and am making the most of it by taking some extra time to relax and start or end my days in the best way for me.

I think for most of us, our work and home environments are currently merged into one, so it’s really important to take time away from work and separate the two as much as possible, so I’m using the extra time wisely and every day when I finish work, I make a huge effort to unwind and separate myself with a few of my favourite pastimes.

At the present moment, I’m finding it really helpful to see what others in a similar situation are doing and for that reason, I thought I would share with you my top 3 ways to unwind; so if you’re looking for a bit of help unwinding after a long day working from home, look no further…

The Great Outdoors
Immediately after finishing work, I love nothing more than getting changed, throwing on my trainers and going for a relaxing walk. After being stuck inside all day there’s nothing better than getting outdoors and taking in the fresh air, there’s just something about this that helps press the reset button inside my head and put me into a more relaxed frame of mind.

When in the office, I love taking a break and walking a few laps around the building so I’ve really missed that since being at home. There’s a lot less space in my house than the usual working environment so I think it’s easy to feel enclosed and in need of some wide, open space.

Whether you grab your headphones, walk alone or with a family member/partner or even opt for a run or bike ride, getting out into a big open space and taking some big breaths of fresh air is guaranteed to help you switch off from work and unwind.

My second favourite way to unwind after WFH is to have a nice, long bubble bath. I will usually do this later on in the evening rather than straight after I finish work unless I’ve had a particularly stressful day and for me there’s nothing more relaxing than lighting some candles, filling the bath with your favourite bubbles or bath oil and settling down for a good hour in the tub.

I know that not everyone is a fan of taking a bath, so I think a shower will work just as much but it needs to be a longer, more indulgent shower not your quick few minutes shower that you fit in before work.

After a bath or shower, never underestimate the power of an evening pamper session. Whether you’ve had a good day or a bad one, getting out all of your favourite skincare and beauty products to give yourself some TLC will leave you feeling like you’re on cloud 9 and will no doubt make your mornings better when you wake up feeling preened and beautified for another day of work.

I usually enjoy my monthly beauty appointments, I assume much like the rest of you, but since not being able to go out for these I’ve taken so much enjoyment in tinting my brows, doing my nails and following an indulgent skincare routine so grab all of your favourite products, put on your most loved Spotify playlist and take a couple of hours ‘you time’ to take you away from any of the stresses and strains from a day of work.

Take Up Reading
Admittedly, I’d lost focus with reading over the last couple of months but last week I picked up Happy by Fearne Cotton and started to set some time aside to read again before I go to sleep. I’ve always found reading before bed helps me sleep much better and really is that last building block in helping me wind down for the day.

From what I’ve seen and heard, a lot of peoples mobile phone screen time has increased over the last month and if you relate to that you’re definitely not alone because although I’m still working full time, my screen time has still managed to increase by about an hour a day. This increased screen time can have a massive impact on our ability to sleep properly, so taking some time away from our phones or other screens in the evening can really help.

Taking up reading doesn’t need to be confined to just reading before bed, I think reading at any time is a massive form of escapism and if you can find something that will completely take your mind off the present and into another dimension, you will take yourself away from the worries of everything going on at the moment and into a place of peace and contentment.

I know these rituals are nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes when we’re feeling a bit lost I think it helps to just read or learn about what others are doing in a similar situation.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other favourite pastimes that are helping you to unwind at the moment.

One thought on “My favourite ways to unwind after a day WFH

  1. I have been trying to pick up reading for weeks now and can’t seem to get into the book I’m reading. Think I may need to ditch it and switch to something different. I’m loving the extra time to read blog posts though!


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