H&M Conscious Exclusive: Spring 2020

So if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may remember my first post about the H&M Conscious Collection around this time last year. Having decided to start being more conscious and sustainable in my shopping habits, I was absolutely amazed at the design, production and innovation I discovered when learning about the range. Fast forward 12 months and the beautiful new Spring/Summer Collection launches online today.

It is just as innovative (if not more so) and I am again, blown away by this, their 11th collection which combines new materials and dyeing processes to create a premium collection, inspired by glamorous train travel in the 1920s.

Trio H&M

There is a multitude of pieces that cry out to be worn on a Summer holiday to the Amalfi coast or a weekend break in the south of France as well as workwear or more formal, occasionwear to put together in the UK. I’ve already got my eye on my favourite pieces and although travel plans are taking a back seat for now, there’s no harm in getting that holiday wardrobe ready to be thrown into a suitcase sometime in the near future, right?!

This collection utilises some of the fabrics and materials I mentioned in the last post such as Tencel® lyocell, organic linen and recycled polyester but in terms of the brand new processes and materials, here’s a little overview of some of the revolutionary ideas.

VEGEA company was originally founded in Milan and they develop materials for various industries including fashion, furniture and transportation. H&M has incorporated one of their vegan leather alternatives, derived from waste grape skins and stalks to use across their footwear and accessories within this range.

The regeneration process behind this high-quality nylon alternative is so imaginative and takes various forms of nylon waste to create a new 100% regenerated nylon fibre. It uses, what would otherwise become waste products such as fishnets and industrial plastic, takes them through a purification and refining process and is said to be an absolute equal to any standard nylon in terms of quality and production. You can find out more about ECONYL® here.

Collage H&M

Made in Sweden, CIRCULOSE® is described as a ‘circular’ product which reduces waste, water and microplastics, among other things, across the fashion industry. It uses discarded and unwanted items of clothing, gently recovering the cotton to create a regenerated fibre. This H&M collection will be the first time CIRCULOSE® has been used in retail, so it’s an exciting time in the industry.

RENU™ is a recycled polyester, derived to help reduce waste in the clothing industry by again, using unwanted garments and make the fashion supply chain more sustainable for the future. As described by H&M, RENU™ aims to close the gap in sustainable fashion by creating a more circular approach to the design and production of textiles.

Trio H&M 1

So rather than a new fabric this a new method of production, specifically the method of dyeing clothes which has in the past, been notorious for its damaging effects on the environment due to the water consumption and chemicals required. This new process takes waste coffee grounds from the H&M offices and uses them, mixed with water to dye the fabrics needed and gain the colour required.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 21.26.42

As I mentioned above, this is definitely a more premium offering from H&M in comparison to their everyday prices, although it is still really affordable with items ranging from £12.99 for a piece of jewellery up to £229.99 for a tulle ball dress.

If you are looking for some more unique pieces which have been beautifully thought out and created with sustainability and regeneration in mind, then this is definitely worth a look.

Shop the collection here

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*All images used in this post are from hm.com

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