Why I’m In Love With Padded Coats This Winter

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will no doubt be aware of how much I LOVE outerwear. Coats and jackets are one of my favourite parts of Winter because I love to layer them with chunky knits and scarves, and I live for the overall cosy vibe you get when bundling yourself up in big, oversized pieces. I also believe that you can absolutely make an outfit by choosing the right coat to pair with it and there are always so many beautiful options about.

If you read my old Outwear Edit here, you’ll also know that I try not to buy a load of new outerwear pieces every year and I’ll buy slightly more expensive and classic in the hope that what I do buy, will last me for a few years. It’s SO nice going to the back of your wardrobe when the Winter season comes round, finding an old coat you forgot about and then remembering how much you used to love it as soon as it drops around your shoulders.



This year, my new Winter coat buy was this amazing padded number from Monki. From the second it got delivered, I was 100% sold and here are my reasons why.

    1. Cosiness
      It’s basically a huge duvet! This obviously equals cosy factor 10,000 and I’m all here for that. If we were given the option to take a portable duvet around to work or Uni in the Winter, I guarantee that people would go for it – this is basically the same thing! It’s over-sized and has the perfect high neck, I don’t think I own another coat that feels more duvet inspired than this one.


    1. Style
      Padded coats now are so much more trend-driven than they used to be. The style and shape of this one make it the perfect day time coat and not just with very casual looks. I’ve worn this with midi dresses and midi skirts so it’s quite versatile and generally a great all-rounder which is so important when you’re looking to buy fewer pieces overall.


    1. Practicality
      So, we all know that I love my clothes to be practical as well as stylish. If I’m ever uncomfortable then it’s not worth it and will go in the bin after one wear, so I need whatever I buy to work in a practical sense for me above all. This coat is THE warmest thing. I’ve worn it a few times in sub-zero temperatures already and could barely even notice I was outside. December through to February are usually the coldest months in the UK, so if you’re looking for a new coat to see you through the frost and snow this one should be at the top of your list.


There are so many options on the high street at the moment from maxi length to shorter jacket styles, hooded or high necked and fur trimmed which means there should be a version out there for everyone. This is definitely my coat choice of the season (although my beloved teddy coat is still right up there too) so if you’re in the market for a new piece of Winter outerwear, you can shop this one below.

Monki Padded Coat £65.00

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