Polaroids from Burano

A few months ago, we visited Venice on a special trip for my 30th birthday. I only found out where we were going a couple of days before, but I’d been wanting to go to Venice for years so I already had a wish list as long as my arm, of places I was desperate to visit and things I wanted to see.

Burano was up there at the top and I was adamant that we had to take a boat ride over there at some point during our trip.


Burano is a tiny island situated in the Venetian lagoon, not far from the main islands of the city of Venice. It’s one of THE prettiest places I’ve ever seen and only takes around 40 minutes on a water bus from Venice itself.

It’s most famous for its colourful houses, so I thought I’d share a little photo diary of our trip there so that you guys can see the beauty of Burano for yourselves.




Whilst in Burano we found a little restaurant right by this bridge, where we ate pizza and drank Aperol Spritz for hours whilst musicians serenaded us with their beautiful songs. Although the island gets really busy with tourists, it can also be the most relaxing place in the world if you manage to find a little corner away from the hustle and bustle.

My fiancé Dave actually preferred it to the main city of Venice and we could have stayed for much longer than we did.






If you’re planning a trip to Venice, I would highly recommend adding a day or even half a day in Burano into your itinerary. Catching the water bus over to the island is fairly cheap and so simple to do and it provides a welcome break from the busy nature of the city.

I would definitely go back to Burano if I had the chance and maybe even spend the night there if that’s possible, but I also plan to visit Murano the next time we go to Venice which is another tiny island in the Venetian Lagoon.







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