Let’s Talk About Cycling Shorts…

It’s been a while since we’ve had a trend discussion over here and as we have finally hit the official UK Summer, there’s no better time than now to discuss one of the biggest trends of the year – the cycling short.

My thoughts on the good old cycling short have done an absolute 360 over the last 12 months and to be honest, I’m still not quite sure exactly where my feelings have settled. Last year, when the trend first crept onto the fashion scene I was not a fan of cycling shorts at all; they reminded me of a shorter version of pedal pushers and as a child growing up in the nineties I have nothing but bad memories of pedal pushers – if you’re a child of that time you will 100% feel me!

This year, however, my feelings have really quite changed and I feel that is mostly attributed to the new ways of styling them. I’ve created a bit of a Pinterest board around ways to style cycle shorts and this is what I look at for inspo…

Cycling short moodboard.jpg

This trend won’t be for everyone and there are definitely styles more suited to a certain body shape than others and also better ways to wear them depending on your shape, size and personal sense of style.

The most popular to wear currently is probably the black knee-length, legging style, although I do feel like these are quite hard to pull off successfully. When opting for this style, always make sure to go for a thicker quality fabric so that they won’t go see through and I always like to make sure my bum is covered by a longline top as I’ve never been a fan of using any type of legging as a trouser, other than gym leggings.

There are various other patterned or coloured styles, but denim cycling shorts are also hugely popular and possibly the easiest of all to wear. You can pair these with a printed t-shirt and an over-sized shirt or blazer for a really on trend day time look. For an outfit more suited to evenings with a very ‘grown-up’ vibe, a belted blazer and some strappy sandals are the perfect way to go.

Something to bear in mind is that cycling shorts can naturally make you look more bottom heavy, so if you do find that you hold your weight, waist down that’s something to consider.

So all this said, I definitely have days where I second guess how much of a fan of cycling shorts I actually am and this may turn out to be one of those ‘What the hell was I thinking’ moments in years to come, but if they are something you enjoy wearing, I hope I’ve helped you out with a little bit of styling inspiration for now.

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