Three brands you can shop for Sustainable Swimwear

How is it mid-June already?! I feel like the months are just FLYING by. I have a big birthday this August so I kind of set that as a milestone for the year in January, believing that I had all the time in the world and now it’s only two months away and I don’t know what’s happened to the last five!

As I write this, it’s pouring with rain outside and has basically been torrential for the last two weeks so it doesn’t feel like Summer in the slightest however, given that it is June and we’re in the midst of holiday season, I wanted to do a little swimwear edit for you guys and after a couple of new sustainable swimwear brands dropped into my inbox which I absolutely loved, I decided to share a more environmentally friendly edit with you this year.

Below, I’ve picked three high street brands that stock some beautiful, sustainable swimwear items so hopefully you can shop, more guilt-free this season whilst picking up some new pieces for your holidays…

Holiday Romance Store
I first learnt about the Holiday Romance Store via Instagram, when the gorgeous Collyer Twins collaborated with the brand on their most recent collection.

As the brand proclaims; “Holiday Romance Store is an environmentally conscious label founded on principles of sustainability and inspired by the romance and nostalgia of travel.”

Their swimwear is made from a nylon fabric called ECONYL®, which is 100% regenerated from waste products. Although not entirely environmentally friendly, this is a huge step in the right direction for swimwear. This brand has thoughtfully designed each piece of their collection so that they are not only perfectly feminine, in the most flattering of shapes but can be worn season after season and won’t be thrown to the back of the wardrobe once the new Summer trends come about.

holiday romance store

Shop the Holiday Romance Store

Monki is a brand really making moves towards being more sustainable and friendly to the environment in their clothing production. They use a lot of recycled fabrics across their collections and this doesn’t stop at Swimwear.

Amazingly, the majority of Monki’s swimwear is made from recycled polyester and polyamide. If you’re looking for more sustainable swimwear pieces for this year’s Summer holiday, Monki is definitely the place to look as there are styles, prints and colours for everyone.

Prices are typical for high street swimwear, so it’s a great way to invest in something new for your wardrobe, knowing that it’s not having such a damaging effect on the planet.

Shop Monki

As we know, I LOVE H&M’s conscious collection and all that they stand for when it comes to sustainability. If you’ve not read my previous posts on this, feel free to take a look here.

As a brand, they really are leaps and bounds ahead of the curve in terms of what they do sustainability-wise for high street fashion so it’s no wonder that I’m featuring them again in this post. They have swimwear in their normal Conscious collection as well as the Conscious Exclusive collection, with slightly different price points – still both very affordable. The swimwear is made largely from recycled fabrics, similar to the previous two brands above.

H&M 1.jpg
Shop H&M

If you’re lucky enough to have a trip booked to somewhere with a sunnier climate than the good, old UK, I hope this little edit has helped with your holiday shopping and prep. Let me know if you do pick anything up and what you think of brands being more sustainable with their swimwear moving forwards.

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