How to wear this Seasons Sandal Trend

Dad sandals or Tourist sandals as they are otherwise known are what we’re here to discuss today. As much as some of you might oppose them (my little sister included), the ugliest sandal trend of the year is here and they’re here to stay. It’s a trend originally born on the catwalks of Chanel and Prada and it has made it’s way to the high street in a huge way. Initially, I wasn’t much of a fan of this footwear choice and I really didn’t think the trend would last, however, I’m really warming to them and have even invested (albeit only a small investment) in a pair myself.

Expect chunky soles, velcro straps and maybe even a few jewels and some embellishment. There are a lot of different styles and variations available, so you really can tailor them to your style and find something that suits. Another important feature to note; they are COMFY AS HELL and we all know how much I prioritise comfort in absolutely every item I own.


I’ve gone for a simple, plain black version from Pull & Bear so that I can experiment with how to wear them and not have to worry about clashing the colour or print with anything else (not that I wear much colour or print anyway!). At £25.99 they are a fraction of the price of some that I’ve seen and this way, I’m able to dip my toe (no pun intended) into, shall we say, one of the more ‘out there’ trends of the season without spending too much money on something I’m not sure I’m going to love.

I will say though, since these arrived I have absolutely fallen in love with wearing them so everything has worked out just swimmingly!


How to wear the dad sandal…
Here, I’ve paired my sandals with another marmite trend of the season; the cycling short. As the sandals are fairly sporty I’ve found that they style quite well with a pair of cycling shorts and over-sized blazer or shirt for a casual weekend day. You could also wear them with a midi dress or midi skirt which is probably one of the most popular ways I’ve seen these styled, or why not opt for a short suit if you want to stay with a fully trend-driven look.

Believe it or not, wearing a little ankle sock with your sandals is also a ‘yes’ in the world of fashion; but that’s not quite for me and I think I’ll leave that to the MUCH cooler and braver girls of the world (If you do pull that look off, please let me know as I’m here for all of the inspo). That being said, just popping on these sandals alone with my current outfits I definitely feel like one of the cool girls of Instagram – they bring such an effortless, casual vibe to a Summer dress or skirt and I’m totally on board with that kind of vibe.


I’ll leave my ‘Dad Sandals’ Pinterest board here if you’re looking for more inspiration on how to style these little devils and believe me, similarly to the ‘dad trainer’, sooner or later whether you like it or not, you’re going to find yourself rocking a pair.

I’ve found a few high street variations below so have a browse and let me know if I’ve swayed you towards this trend or not…




Zara bejewelled sandals £39.99
ASOS chunky sandals £29.99
Zara multicoloured sports sandals £39.99
Stradivarius platform sandal £29.99
Teva fringe sandals £40.00
Shine On sport sandal £108.00

3 thoughts on “How to wear this Seasons Sandal Trend

  1. I bought the TEVA Black ones from Asos after having my eye on them for a while, they’re so similar to the Pull & Bear ones too and will be PERFECT for summer city breaks 💖!

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  2. I love the black sandals , and your black blazer and the look in general is cool and classy , love it ❤


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