My Take on Tonal Dressing for Spring

Morning guys! Thank you so much for coming back to read another one of my Sunday morning posts. This week is just a simple outfit post. I think this look is one of my favourites yet and I can’t wait to wear it on repeat throughout the Spring months.
As I’ve written about before, fashion and style for me is not about having to constantly buy new outfits and pieces to renew your wardrobe, but it’s more important to be able to style up pieces you currently have, mixing and matching until you find something you love wearing and something that makes you feel good, then once you do – wearing it AS MUCH as you like. If an outfit makes you feel amazing, why wouldn’t you wear it more than once?

This outfit does exactly that for me, it’s stylish and on-trend yet casual and comfortable which is everything I look for when I’m getting ready, whether that be for work, an event or special occasion or if I’m simply going to pick up some food shopping.


So first of all, the reason this outfit exists at all is this amazing sage green midi skirt. It’s from Miss Selfridge and I absolutely love it. I’d been looking for a midi skirt like this for a while to no avail (I just knew my love for midi skirts and the sage green trend would be a match made in heaven) until I saw this on an Instagram Influencer and when I say I had added it to my basket and checked out in less than 30 seconds, I am not lying! It’s one of my favourite midi skirts that I own mainly due to the fabric and shape. It falls perfectly and hardly creases when you have it on, unlike all of my others.

I don’t often shop at Miss Selfridge but browsing online after I bought this skirt has completely changed my mind. They have some gorgeous pieces for Spring, including a whole host of skirts and slip dress and the price point is very affordable.

Miss Selfridge Midi Skirt £28.00

I knew that I wanted to create a tonal outfit with this skirt and have had my eye on a sage green jumper from & Other Stories for months, but it has also been out of stock for that entire time – gutted! So you can imagine my joy when I found this amazing little sweatshirt on H&M. It’s not one of those standout pieces at first glance, but when it arrived and I unpacked it I knew straight away that I’m going to love it for a long time. It’s a super soft fabric on the outside with a kind of fleecy layer on the inside and has a puffed detail on the shoulders to make it slightly different than any other old sweatshirt you might have.

H&M Sweatshirt £12.99


My favourite way to make a midi skirt feel more casual and daytime appropriate is to throw on a pair of white trainers. We’re not quite in sandal weather yet, so trainers for me are the perfect choice for Spring. I always go for my Supergas because I pretty much wear them with everything, however, you can chuck on any pair that you own – just make sure they are actually white and not covered in mud or anything like that as it takes away from the sleekness of everything you’ve worked so hard to put together.

Superga Trainers £49.99

The accessories are again, things that I wear with so many of my outfit choices at the moment. The bag is an old one from Zara but I love the shape of it. Zara bags are such good quality, they last for years and are so affordable at the same time. My alice band is from Primark and is very on trend right now. There are SO many different versions out on the high street but to be honest, I’ve found some great basic ones on eBay for a fraction of the usual price or you can head to Etsy to find some really unique styles with a higher price point.


The other great thing about each of these items is that I know I can put them with something else already in my wardrobe to make another (just as amazing) outfit. It’s all about cost per wear and I don’t see the point in buying something that I can only wear one particular way. It completely takes all of the fun out of styling your outfits and curating a wardrobe full of outfits that you love.

I hope you liked todays post and let me know what you think of the Sage Green trend. I’ve written another post all about the trend which you can find here and there’s lots more inspiration over there, with shoppable links to various items across the high street.

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