2019 Spring Colour Trend: Sage Green

Here we are in the midst of Winter and I’m coming at you with Spring colour trends. Premature? Maybe slightly, however I think it’s best to get ahead of the curve with trends, especially seasonal trends as you can start to build up your wardrobe early, spread the cost and get your hands on the most lusted-after items before anyone else even knows that ‘it’s a thing’.

So I’m not usually a fan of green, but this shade had me from the get-go and I’ve found myself searching for everything and anything I think I can incorporate into my wardrobe (I’ve even dedicated an entire Pinterest board to it). From what I’ve seen so far, anything between Pistachio and Sage green is a go but steer more towards the pastel shades if you can. We all know that pastels are a common colour theme in fashion every Spring, but I’m not usually the biggest fan as I don’t really find pastel pinks or yellows fit in with my style. THIS shade however, is absolutely ideal for me. Imagine cosy, pistachio coloured knits for early spring, lightweight jackets to add a pop of colour to an all cream look, then pale satin skirts and dresses as we move into Summer. The absolute dream.

You can expect to see me wearing this a lot over the next few months and as I’ve already done my research into what’s available on the high street now, I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces with you. Happy Shopping!

Mango Sweater.jpg

Mango Sweater £35.99

missguided shirt

Missguided oversized denim Shirt £28

andotherstories sweater

andotherstories sweater £35

missguided jumpsuit

Missguided jumpsuit £35

ASOS Blazer.jpg

ASOS DESIGN cord blazer £60

zara ruffle sweater

Zara ruffle sweater £19.99

andotherstories dress

andotherstories wrap dress £89

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