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Something I’m obsessed with when it comes to Winter is outerwear. In all honesty, I’m probably obsessed with jackets and coats all year round, but it’s a bit of a struggle trying to layer up in my favourite aviator when it’s 25 degrees outside. I feel like outerwear can really help to elevate any look and bring an outfit together, or can even help to hide a poor outfit choice when you need to run to the corner shop in your joggers (don’t pretend like you never do that).

So when it comes to shopping outerwear, I’m all for investment pieces and being confident in the fact that whatever I choose will take me through Winter after Winter. Cost per wear is a huge thing for me and I don’t particularly believe in only wearing something a couple of times – unless we’re talking specific occasionwear items. When I say the word ‘investment’ I don’t want that to instantly conjure up thoughts of spending lots on one item because there’s a lot more to take into account such as shape, colour, quality of design and fabric. Criteria that are most important to me when choosing coats and jackets are whether both the quality and style of the item will stand the test of time or will I need to replace it in 6 -9 months.

If you’re going for more of a trend piece, then yes a cheaper option is better as you’re potentially only going to wear it for a short space of time, but I often find with outerwear that the cheaper options are made of the cheaper fabric, aren’t lined and just generally won’t keep you as warm.

Here are a few classic outerwear styles that in my opinion, seem to come round every year and would be my top picks to invest in…

The Aviator
Aviators are the most IDEAL, casual winter jacket. I remember lusting after one for years until I finally invested and now I wear mine every Winter. I think an Aviator is a great everyday jacket, you can throw it on to run to the shops, going out for coffee, the school run, a day out at the Christmas markets and it just ‘goes’.

They are super thick and are usually faux fur or shearling lined for the extra warmth factor – I wore mine last year in New York during late November and it kept me cosy and warm from the freezing temperatures.

This year I have seen aviator designs in a huge range of colours, but I find if you go for a black or tan/beige in either leather or suede you will get a lot more wear out of it and also be able to take it through to next years Winter.


1. Zara Jacket £89.99
2. Topshop Black Biker £79.00
3. ASOS Design Suede Aviator £170.00
4. Zara Faux Suede Jacket £79.99

The Beige Longline Coat
If there was one style that screams ‘Classic Winter Coat’ it would be the beige, single-breasted longline piece. My earliest memory of this style comes from watching Home Alone. You all know the scene where Kevin gets lost in the airport because he follows the wrong man in a beige long coat! That film was produced in 1992 and I can probably guarantee that these coats were around long before that, so if you want to invest in something that will last the stand of time – this is the one.

I see this as more of a smart option, but it can be thrown on over a more casual outfit to bring the look together and you don’t need to worry about colour clashing as a neutral tan/beige or oatmeal shade coat can be worn over the majority of other coloured outfits.

Tan coats.jpg

5. Zara Masculine Coat £95.99
6. Andotherstories Structured Wool Coat £169.00
7. Mango Handmade Coat £149.99
8. Berhska Longline Coat £59.99

The Teddy Coat
This one is more of a trend piece and there are certainly 100’s of different styles, lengths and colours of the teddy coat in stores this year. In my opinion, if you go for one of the less ‘out-there’ styles in a neutral shade then you can get away with wearing it for a few years to come.

I invested in a very popular cream Topshop teddy last Winter, I wore it none stop and I’ve worn it none stop again this year. Due to there being so many on the high street, it’s important to shop around and don’t impulse buy. If you can find one that’s a decent fabric, with lining it will keep you the warmest of any other coat and you will look super chic at the same time.

Teddy coats

9. Topshop Borg Coat £95.00
10. Na-kd Big Collar Teddy £90.00
11. H&M Long Pile Coat £69.99
12. Zara Faux Fur Coat £89.99

The Black Blazer
Finally, I wanted to talk about the black blazer. With Christmas upon us, there will be work events, family events and all the bits in between that require a bit more dressing up and glam. Rather than chucking a massive coat on over the top, which quite frankly will ruin any outfit, I find a black blazer is a great extra layer to put over your shoulders and tie the look together.

It’s smart, chic and there are options to suit everyone. I personally LOVE a double-breasted style, but you can opt for a single button, sequined, cord, velvet or longer line to suit whatever you’re wearing.

Black blazers.jpg

13. H&M Double Breasted Jacket £34.99
14. Zara Shiny Blazer £69.99
15. AllSaints Double Breasted Blazer £198.00
16. Andotherstories Velour Belted Jacket £79.00

Are you a fan of any of the above or do you reach for any other styles when planning your outerwear choices for the colder seasons?

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