September Birchbox

I’ve been receiving monthly Birchbox deliveries for almost a year now and still each month I look forward to finding out which new products I’ll be introduced to. They tend to have some brands they work with month on month as well as one-off introductions and trials with newer brands every now and then. There are a few brand names I’ve seen used in previous months and I’ve been hoping I would be sent a sample or two from them for a while. This month, that time came and my September box was full of brands and products I’ve lusted over for a while.

In this months Birchbox, I received;

-Benefit Box O’Powder
-Eyeko Brow Liner
-Marcelle City 24H Anti-Pollution Emulsion
-NUXE Multi-Purpose Nourishing Oil
-Caudalie Purifying Toner


Caudalie is a skincare brand I’ve read lots about and the NUXE oil is another product I’ve wanted to buy, but was waiting to hopefully get a sample to try out beforehand. I’ve been trying the products for just over a week now so I’ll talk you through my thoughts so far below.

Benefit Box O’Powder (Gold Rush) RRP £25.50
So I don’t think there’s ever been a Benefit blush or bronzer that I haven’t loved and I didn’t expect anything different from this one. Gold rush is a gorgeous shimmery pink blush, with gold flecks in it which gives your cheeks a lift with a pop of colour and subtle glow.

As with all Benefit powders, the product goes onto the skin perfectly and lasts well throughout the day. This one also smells pretty good too!

The price point is about right considering the packaging and that this also comes with a rounded application brush and mirror.

IMG_2023 2

Eyeko Brow Liner RRP £15
A few months back, I was sent the Eyeko Eye Liner which is now the only liner I use and I absolutely love it. I was intrigued to see they also have a brow version and interested to see how it would work. I had visions of me having black felt tip pen brows but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

This liner pen is INSANE and it’s completely changed the way I do my brows. It has a very fine, almost felt tip like brush which you can use to draw individual hairs into places that are lacking and quite sparse, as well as lining the overall shape of your brows with much better precision than when using a gel or powder.
I’ve been using it specifically for the inner part of my brows where I need the colour to be less dense, but for them to still have good definition and shape and it works perfectly. It’s also water-resistant and lasts all day long.

Marcelle City 24H Anti-Pollution Day & Night Moisturising Emulsion RRP £23
I’m really into any anti-pollution skincare at the moment, as I really hate the damage pollution can cause to your skin. After a long day out, especially in any type of built-up city, you can really feel the effect it has on your skin and I don’t like the thought of all of the grime in the air being able to get into my skin.

This specific formula uses something called ‘CityGuard’ to shield the skin from dullness and dehydration as well as visibly brightening. It’s also a cruelty-free product, which is something I’m definitely seeing more often now and I think it’s great.

I, however, wasn’t a huge fan of the product itself. It has quite a strange sandy texture and doesn’t feel particularly moisturising when you apply it so after the first day, I actually changed the way I used it and applied it after my usual gel moisturiser. I also didn’t find it brightened my skin at all so it’s not something I would buy, as I already have a few products that claim to have similar properties and uses and do the job much better.



NUXE Multi-Purpose Nourishing Oil for Face, Body & Hair RRP £32
Usually, a multi-purpose product wouldn’t get my vote as I feel that they don’t do either job to its full potential, however, this oil really does play it’s role perfectly. I’ve used it on my face, hair and skin and would happily continue to use on all three areas.

Its formula is made up of 7 botanical oils including anti-ageing Tsubaki oil, Almond oil and the usuals Argan and Macadamia. The formula means it’s extremely nourishing to the skin, and hydrates the hair well, leaving an amazing sheen to every strand. The oil has a gorgeous scent of Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Magnolia – which made me love it just that bit more.

Caudalie Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner RRP £18
I’ve heard a lot about Caudalie skin care products so I was excited to try this toner out for myself. It claims to be a gentle toner, using a mix of essential oils and salicylic acid.

I’ve used this every morning and night for just over a week and can confirm, it’s a great toner that really leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed, without drying it out. The only downside to the toner is that it has a very strong scent, which is almost clinical in nature and puts me off buying the product again.


Overall, I was really happy with most of the products this month and 3 out of the 5 I would definitely consider buying once the samples I have run out. Let me know if you have used any of the products above, or if you receive a monthly Birchbox let me know what you were sent this month!

5 thoughts on “September Birchbox

  1. I got the cityguard moisturiser, the Galifornia box o powder, the NUXE oil with gold shimmer (which I can’t wait to try), some amazing mango conditioner which has left my hair smelling like heaven and the brow pencil thing too, which looks green on my hand but fab in my brows!

    Loved your review!

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