My Favourite Animal Print Pieces on the High Street Right Now

If you’ve managed to read my recent post about current Autumn Winter trends, you’ll be well aware that one of THE biggest trends this Autumn is animal print. To be honest, you won’t have even had to read that post – as long as you’ve had your eyes open and not been in a cave the last month or so, you will have seen animal print pieces absolutely everywhere. 

Every time I walk into a store or go online to check the ‘New In’, I see more and more pieces to fall in love with so I thought why not bring my favourites together for you here and save you trawling the internet for hours on end.

Leopard Print

Animal Print 5.jpg

1. Monki Jumpsuit £30
2. Zara Dress £39.99
3. New Look Dress £29.99
4. Zara Shirt £29.99
5. Marks and Spencer Dress £59


Snake Print 5.jpg

6. Zara Skirt £29.99
7. Mango Skirt £49.99
8. Missguided Trousers £20
9. Topshop Dress £49
10. Zara Blazer £49.99


Zebra 5.jpg

11. Mango Sweater £39.99
12. New Look Skirt £22.99
13. Zara Dress £39.99
14. Glamorous Dress £26
15. Topshop Dress £55


Tortoiseshell 4.jpg

16. Zara Bag £29.99
17. ASOS Earrings £6
18. Topshop Bag £25
19. New Look Heel Sandals £25.99

I can 100% see myself getting on board with the Tortoiseshell print accessories and can already envision so many Winter outfits to pair them with. My favourite animal print for clothing at the moment has got to be snakeskin and i’ll be featuring it in outfits right through to the Spring.

I hope I’ve given you some useful shopping inspo and let me know what your favourite print is, or if you even like the animal print trend at all?

Don’t forget you can find more of me and my snakeskin obsession over on my other Social Media Channels below;


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