5 Autumn Winter Trends to Integrate Into Your Wardrobe Now

It’s that time of year again guys and gals! Honestly, one of the most exciting things about the transition into Autumn for me, is the fashion. I absolutely LOVE having a little clear out of my Summer clothes and picking out some new trends to filter into my wardrobe throughout September and October.

I’m happier dressing myself in the colder months as I just find it so much easier. I’m a huge fan of jackets and coats, layering and boots – basically all the things I can’t wear when it’s warm so when it hits mid-August and I start to see the new trends trickling onto the high street, it makes me oh so happy!

I’ve started to pick up a few bits recently, so thought today was a good time to talk about a few of the A/W trends for this year and give you guys a bit of shopping inspo.


Animal Print
I don’t think there’s any of you that will be mildly surprised to hear this one, but incase there’s anyone that doesn’t already know – animal print is back! It’s not just leopard print for this season, but anything from snakeskin, through to tortoiseshell, zebra and even a few giraffe prints for good measure.

A favourite of mine has to be the snakeskin print, to say i’m obsessed is an understatement and that’s fine, because there are so many variations and styles on the high street to choose from. I’ll be posting more tips on styling over the next few weeks but usually I like to stick to pairing one animal print item with plain, block colours – no clashing prints or colours as it can get a bit too much.


Animal Print.jpg

1. Oasis Animal Print Skirt
2. New Look Shirt (Worn Above)
3. Topshop Pinafore Dress

This one’s been on the scene since last Winter and stuck around through Summer with all the Clueless vibes, check print mini skirt and blazer combos as well as pinafore dresses.

We’re pretty much seeing those similar items for the new season but in new colour ways and fabrics more suitable for the cold. High waist tailored trousers in navy, green and grey check or pinafore dresses and a-line mini skirts in camel and brown shades – colours that i’ll talk to you about a little more later.

Check Print.jpg

4. Zara Blazer
5. Topshop Tapered Trousers
6. Mango Dress

Scarf/Baroque Print
Scarf or baroque print seems to be the newest print for this Autumn/Winter. I’ve seen it on maxi skirts, maxi dresses and blouses so far – again, baroque is a very busy print so is best worn with block colours so to not be too over the top.

At the moment i’m leaning more towards animal print than this one but I could be swayed as more pieces make it into stores. It’s definitely a popular one so it’s worth a look if you’re keen to add some newness to your wardrobe.

Baroque Print

7. Missguided Dress
8. Zara Skirt
9. New Look Bodysuit

High Shine/Gloss Finish
So, when researching trends for this coming season ‘High Shine’ pieces were a firm feature within the luxury fashion world. Fendi, Versace and Victoria Beckham bought glossy finish outerwear to the catwalks. Latex, leather, plastic or patent, the glossier the better when it comes to this trend.

I’m not sure just how popular this will be on the high street but even if you manage to get your hands on some high gloss accessories to add to a look, you’ll still be on trend. I’ve already got my eyes on some croc print, patent ankle boots to add to my footwear collection.

High Shine

10. Topshop Boots
11. Zara Trousers
12. Topshop Bag

A key colour for this season is brown. It sounds dull, I know, but it’s far from it. Any variation on the shade from nude and cream, through to camel and more reddish, rust tones is good to go.

Rust is the perfect in between shade to go for and i’m hoping to style it with some animal print pieces as well as black and cream for my outfit choices over Winter.

Rust Colour.jpg

13. Topshop Jacket
14. New Look Skirt
15. Boohoo Playsuit

Are there any of these Autumn trends that you’ve already started to buy into? Let me know if there’s any others you can’t wait to try.

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