How I’m Feeling Going into the last year of my Twenties…

Well here it is ladies and gents, my 29th year, the LAST year of my twenties! How the hell did that happen? I won’t lie, I’m trying to stay positive but I’m not quite sure how I feel about it…

A question that’s always asked on or around a birthday is ‘So, do you feel any older then?’ and I like to tell myself that you’re only as old as you feel, the number bit is just a technicality but I think I do actually feel suddenly older this year. It’s strange because in myself I still feel 21 and I don’t feel like what my younger self thought a 29 year old would be like – however, I am increasingly more conscious that in 12 months time I will be jumping up an age bracket, into one that has much more serious and ‘adult-like’ connotations and responsibilities.

I think when growing up, most people have a bit of a life plan or an idea of what they want to have achieved by the age of 30. It’s quite a milestone so we tend to use it as a pillar in our lifes master plan.


As far as I can remember, I planned on being quite far along in my dream career, married with 2 kids (or at least one) and to own my own house – so in comparison, the dream and reality couldn’t be further apart! In honesty, I don’t think i could imagine myself in that life and it’s quite interesting to think about how your dreams and aspirations change as the years pass by.

So how am I actually feeling going into the last year of my twenties? I’m feeling a little scared that my twenties are coming to an end, but excited to see what my thirties will bring. I definitely feel more confident and self-assured now than I did at age 20 or 21 so i’m looking forward to growing even more with that over the coming years. I think above everything, i’ve had a sharp reminder of how fast life really is.

I didn’t expect this age to creep up on me so fast so i’m definitely not going to let that happen again and am going to enjoy and make the most of every year i’m lucky enough to receive.


Really, what’s in a number? And anyway, who decides what our twenties, thirties or forties should entail?

Anyway, before I over think and start panicking – ciao for now, and i’ll see you in 12 months time for next years birthday breakdown!

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