When ASOS launched Clinique…

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will no doubt be well informed of the fact that I absolutely LOVE a beauty box or any kind of beauty sample.

My fiancé knows this better than most as he is the one to pick up the constant boxes coming through the letter box and he will go mad at me telling you this – but he also orders me any little samples he sees online and thinks I might like. So I will often come home to a surprise new haircare, beauty or skincare sample to try out. He’s a keeper I know!

To me, this is the best way to try out new products and find out what you like or don’t like, without paying the hefty price tag of a full size product and ending up with a drawer full of unused bits and pieces. So, when I saw an email drop into my inbox promoting the launch of Clinique online at ASOS along with a little beauty box collaboration between the pair, everything stopped and it took me approximately 3.5 seconds to get it into my basket and on its way to me. The box is £15 and contains 5 products so real good value for money.

The packaging mentions ‘healthy and happy’, ‘protected and glowing’ skin and the products are all focused on bringing these attributes to your skin and upping your skincare game for the summer.

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Take the day off CLEANSING BALM 15ml
A cleansing balm is actually my favourite way to remove my make up at the end of a long day. I’ve recently noticed that a different balm i’ve been using really stings my eyes – to the point where I literally can’t see for a good ten minutes after using it so I was on the look out for something new. This balm has been allergy tested, opthalmologist tested and is 100% fragrance free. When I used it I was happy to find that I can use it to remove my eye make up with absolutely no burning or stinging.

You apply the balm to dry skin, and massage it in using just your fingertips. You can see the product pulling the make up and dirt from your skin instantly, then either rinse with warm water or a cleansing cloth and pat dry. I’m obsessed with using this and am actually excited to do my evening skincare routine since i’ve started using it.

MOISTURE SURGE 72-hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator 15ml
This is a really lightweight gel-cream formula which claims to hydrate your skin for longer – 72 hours to be precise. I really love gel formulas as they work much better for my skin type than thicker cream moisturisers and this one’s no different.

It definitely continues hydration long after you’d expect and my skin feels so plump and soft throughout the day. Ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Water and Caffeine to make the perfect balance for your skin.



A daily SPF for your face has never been one of my highest priorities for skincare but when I started to really find out about the damage that UV rays can do to your skin, it soon moved to the top of my list. Why put so much effort into the rest of your skincare and make up routine, when behind the scenes there’s much more damage being caused?I also like to use acid toners which means an SPF is essential to stop even more damage to my skin cells.

I’ve researched this topic a lot and it seems most people advise using a separate SPF rather than a combined moisturiser/SPF due to the fact that you don’t get the true effect of each product when they are combined.

This Clinique one protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays as well as containing anti-oxidants to shield your skin from air pollution and grime. Perfect for anyone working in the city! It’s not oily either and although it has some colour when applied, this doesn’t show when blended and doesn’t leave an ashy tint – which is a huge deciding factor for darker skin tones.

CITY BLOCK PURIFYING Charcoal Mask and Scrub 15ml
This is again part of the ‘City Block’ range aimed to fight pollution and purify the skin.  It’s a dual action product which combines bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay to help clean the skin of impurities as well as natural silica beads to gently exfoliate and leave your skin smooth and soft.

This is the one product out of the box that i’ve not used yet, but I’m almost certain I won’t be disappointed and it’s 100% going to be a part of this weekends pamper routine.


DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT Hydrating Jelly Anti-Pollution 15ml
The hydrating jelly is a brand new release from Clinique and is marketed as their newest anti-pollution moisturiser. I was slightly confused at first because I though it was more of a serum, due to the name ‘jelly’ and also it’s consistency. However, after using the product I can truly say it’s earned it’s place as a super hydrating, daily moisturiser.

It contains a blend of sunflower seed cake, cucumber extract and barley extract to build the skins resilience to pollution, as well as Hyaluronic acid again, for that ultra hydration.

I’ve not been a huge user of Clinique skincare before now, but these are some of my absolute favourite products i’ve used all year. I’m already planning which products to buy full-size and it’s my birthday next month – so if anyone’s reading this and doesn’t know what to get me – you know what to do!

I don’t think the beaut box is still available to buy, as I heard they were flying out of the warehouse pretty quick, but I would really recommend trying out some of these products if you can. I’ve not been disappointed and I know you won’t either.


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