Why i’m setting myself some Mid-Year Goals

Well people, i’ve said it about 50 times this past week but i’ll say it again – HOW THE HECK ARE WE IN JULY ALREADY?!! I honestly can’t comprehend how fast times flies and it’s actually a little scary.
Usually around this time of year I will have a bit of a mid-year panic, it’s a month before my birthday and I like to take some time to freak out about getting a year older and also stress about what I haven’t yet managed to achieve in my grand plan for the year.

Seen as this birthday will be the last one in my twenties it’s probably going to be a bigger freak out than usual, so the less said about that, the better. All jokes aside though, I do think it’s important to take a little time now to review what your years been like so far and if needs be, set new plans and goals to help you further in the direction you want to be.

Double 1

When thinking about the year up until this point I don’t feel like i’ve done a huge amount however I have got a new role at work and moved house which are two pretty big events to get your head around. Aside from this, there’s been some ups and downs but i’m pretty pleased with the progress i’ve made in other areas too.

You might remember my ‘Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018’ post which you can read here, where I set myself some goals and aspirations for the year ahead. I’ve been thinking through them and reviewing where I’m up to and thought i’d share my progress with you guys…

Frame 1.jpg

I wanted to go full steam ahead with my blog this year and keep the momentum I gained in 2017, posting a minimum of once a week and more if possible. This is something i’ve struggled with a little since starting my new role so that’s definitely something for me to concentrate on moving forward into the latter months of the year. Forward planning is KEY and something I already know but maybe need a gentle reminder of every now and then.

Instagram is where more of my attention has been for 2018 as it’s the place to be, so i’ve definitely been posting more often and have experimented with changing up my theme, photography styles and different captions.

This is 100% something i’m most proud of so far in terms of my blog and social media presence. I have posted 3 videos on my Youtube channel (You can check it out & subscribe here) since the start of the year, which may not sound like a lot but previously the thought of uploading ONE would make me come out in a sweat. I absolutely LOVE filming and editing videos and it’s something I want to learn a lot more about, so look out for more coming soon.


I almost want to miss this one off to be honest, because it’s been a complete fail on my part. I am in no more of an exercise routine now than I was on new years day but that’s not for a lack of trying. I have been to the odd gym session and have also been going running but it’s the routine side I can’t quite figure out and everything is just so sporadic. Working shifts makes things a little more difficult, which is something i’ve duly noted and i’m putting steps in at the moment to get my fitness game back on track.

Health eating on the other hand, i’m really on top of and i’m so proud i’ve made a change and am managing to stick to it.

Wedding Saving
You know when you have all the good intentions and then life happens – yeah basically life happened. With moving house, saving went on a little bit of a back burner for the first few months of the year so we are not exactly where we wanted to be, however all the ideas and planning is there which has a big part in setting a total to achieve and when by.

Double 2.jpgTravel
I’ve taken some lovely trips this year including the Cotswolds, Madrid and Portugal. Would I like to have travelled more? Of course, however it probably wouldn’t be that feasible considering what else i’ve been up to as well as the fact I work 5 days a week. The trips I have been on, have been extra special and i’ve enjoyed every one of them for different reasons so i’m very grateful to have had those trips with my loved ones.

I have a few places i’d like to visit before the years out so i’ll keep you posted on that, but for me travelling is when i’m happiest and most at peace so it will always be a big focus, regardless of anything else I have going on.


Me, myself and I
Aside from fitness, this is the other one of my goals that needs the most attention. The two probably go hand in hand if I think about it and it doesn’t surprise me as they both revolve around looking after myself and I can often leave that until last in my list of priorities.
I’m currently putting some changes into my night time routine (to begin once Love Island finishes obvs) so i’m hoping to include more ‘me time’ at that point in my day. But definitely from now until the end of the year i’m going to put more effort and time into looking after ME.

Other than re-focussing my energy on some of the above, something i’ve really been investing my thoughts into and want to set myself a new goal for, is positivity. We all know the impact positive vibes can have on our minds and lives and as a natural worrier and self confessed stress bomb, it’s something I have to work extra hard on.

So i’ll be getting out the self-help books and meditating my way into Autumn and Winter in a bid to feel more positive and bring this energy into everything I do.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my mid-year reflective. Whilst it’s amazing to reflect on what you have achieved, I think it’s just as important to think about what you might not have perfected yet and most importantly, the reasons why. This can help you re-group and put a plan together for moving forward, or maybe even help you realise that goal you set in January is no longer relevant and you can get rid of it to focus on something you really want.

Let me know if you do something similar mid-year and if you’re setting yourself any new goals for the next few months.

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