June Birchbox

First off, let me start this post by saying ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRCHBOX‘. Yes, this month Birchbox are celebrating their 5th year and I can’t actually believe it’s been 5 years since Birchbox first began! 

In true birthday style, Birchbox have made a bit of a big deal to celebrate their special day with a one-off tin box with some extra special goodies inside. The theme for this month was birthday Tea Party – hence the little keepsake biscuit tin, which features a very quaint floral design to mirror that of Whittards of Chelsea package designs.

As it’s a celebratory month, we received 6 products rather than the usual 5 which were;

-Glamglow Supercleanse
-Lord & Berry Strobing Highlighter Pencil
-Number 4 Jour d-automne Soothing Balm
-ARROW BOOST Colour Enhancing Lip Balm
-Ella Eden Compact Eyeshadow
-Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bags

new 2

This product is one that jumped out at me the quickest, just because i’ve seen and read so much about the GLAMGLOW products that I was so happy to finally get my hands on one. I’ve looked at picking up one of the face masks before, however for the 50g size prices range between £30 – £50 and that is wayyyyyyyyy above my price range for a face mask, especially when i’m not 100% sure i’ll actually like it.

This cleanser is a blend of three different charcoals and is a cream-to-foam consistency aimed at detoxifiying skin and removing any excess oils. It’s a dark grey colour and made an ABSOLUTE mess in my sink, something I wouldn’t usually mind if I loved the product but sadly I didn’t.

It has a really strong liquorice smell (which I hate) and didn’t make too much of a foam so lathering it up was a bit difficult. Overall, I didn’t find this did anything too special and there’s other cleansers I prefer more.

Lord & Berry Strobing Highlighter Pencil £14
I’ve never used an actual highlighter pencil before but after using this Lord & Berry version it’s a concept that i’m quite into.

This ones vitamin infused and has a lovely shimmer to the highlight. They advise to apply it to anywhere you want a bit of illumination such as your cheek bones, cupid’s bow and the nose however you would have to use quite a lot of product to get a decent effect on your cheeks due to the size of the pencil and the area needed to cover, but for smaller areas like the nose and cupid’s bow it’s perfect.

Other than it’s intended use, I would probably also use this as an eye pencil because the colour is so beautiful.


Number 4 Jour d-automne Soothing Balm RRP £24.50
This smoothing hair formula, for use on damp hair, works to minimise frizz and restore soft and sleek hair.

I’ve not used it yet, as I usually prefer a hair oil, but i’m definitely up for giving it a go next time I wash my hair as it already has a 4* review on the Birchbox website.

ARROW BOOST Colour Enhancing Lip Balm (Berry Busy) RRP £11
So this lip formula adjusts to your pH levels to create a colour that’s unique and specific to you. The actual balm is a lilac colour and when I used it, it created a pinky shade on my lips – which I wasn’t expecting at all.

It’s very shiny and glossy which isn’t something I usually go for, not to mention I find it weird not being able to actually choose the lip colour I want to wear – but have to apply the product first and wait to see the colour after?

If you’re a bit more adventurous than me, this will be a good choice as it’s also paraben, cruelty and gluten free as well as being vegan!


Ella Eden Compact Eyeshadow RRP £12.99
I’m trying to experiment with eyeshadow looks a bit more recently, as it’s not a beauty product i’ve ever really been that into, so it was great to find out i’d be receiving one in this months box.

We had a choice of 2 different colours, so I chose ‘faith’ which is a very pale pink with a slight shimmer and it’s stunning when applied. It blends well and the colour pay off is great. I have also used it as a highlighter and it works equally as well in that scenario as well.

Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bags
As an extra treat for this months tea party theme and birthday celebrations, every Birchbox contained 3 Whittard tea bags, which were Earl Grey, Mango & Bergamot and Lemon & Ginger. I’m a sucker for a cup of tea and go through life with the motto that a cuppa’ can fix anything, so these were a win for me.

IMG_8935 new

Take care guys and have a great week! x


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