May Birchbox

Ok so, i’m a little late this month with this one as it’s practically June and no doubt my June box will be arriving soon. It’s been a tad busy these last few weeks but we’re back on schedule now so i’ll be sure to post my Birchbox reviews in a timely manner and keep up with twice weekly posts where I can (usually a Sunday and Wednesday).


This months box is in collaboration with Elizabeth Scarlett and had THE CUTEST little box design. I love a palm tree print as it just makes me think ‘holiday’ so I was always going to love this box. The products I got this month were;

-Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner
-Bumble & Bumble Curl Defining Cream
-Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm
-Doucce Lip Stain
-Greenfrog Botanical Bodywash

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – Black RRP £16
This is a ‘pen’ style eyeliner so it’s effectively like drawing your eyeliner on with a felt tip. It’s the only type of eyeliner I use as i’ve been using a similar one from Rimmel for years now. The thin nib makes it so easy to apply and it’s almost fool proof because it glides across the eyelid in one sweep.

This Eyeko one is great and the colour is really deep. The one thing I would say is that it took a little longer than i’m used to for it to dry, so the first couple of times it smudged right after i’d applied it. Once dry though, it does last all day with no further smudging or movement.

If you’ve not tried this type of eyeliner before I would highly recommend it. It’s perfect for winged liner and you can control the thickness much easier.


IMG_8204 new

Bumble & Bumble Curl Defining Cream RRP £24
I’ve read a lot about the Bumble & Bumble hair products but never actually got round to using one so I was excited when I pulled this out of the box, until I realised it was a curl defining cream. I chemically relax my hair regularly, which means the texture has completely changed and I don’t really have a natural curl anymore. To use the curl defining cream you scrunch it through damp hair then either leave your hair to air dry or use a diffuser, neither of which I can do with my hair or it would be a huge frizzy mess so I haven’t been able to try out this sample!

The ingredients however are amazing, as it includes three different Brazilian oils and other moisturising blends and the reviews other users have left on the Birchbox website have all been positive.

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm RRP £7.99
So as you can see from my photos, this product is a deodorant balm and it comes in a little tub, which means you then need to scoop out the product with your fingers and rub into your underarm. There’s something about applying a deodorant with my finger tips that I just can’t get my head around, nevertheless I gave it a try anyway.

It has a sandy texture but then smooths out once you apply it to the skin, but there’s no t really any scent to it which is something I like to have in a deodorant.

I would say it definitely does it’s job, however I much prefer using an anti-perspirant. It may be for you if you prefer an all natural product.



Doucce Luscious Lip Stain RRP £21
I love liquid lipsticks and lip stains, they’re usually all I wear on a daily basis so I was really looking forward to trying this product. It’s a dual action lip stain so can be worn matte with just one coat and topped up with a second to add the glossy outer layer.

I went for just one coat as I prefer more of a matte look however this is way too matte for me. It dried almost as instantly as you apply it which is a great feature, but it felt like it over dried if that’s even a thing? My lips were like chalk I had to apply something else over the top because they actually looked like they hadn’t been moisturised for weeks.
In addition to that, the colour was a little too pink for me so it’s not something i’ll be picking up to use again.

Greenfrog Botanic Botanical Bodywash – Geranium & Peppermint RRP £8.95
Another chemical free, cruelty free, vegan product here. It contains a lot of gentle ingredients in order to clean the skin while not being too harsh. It has an amazing fragrance and does a good job but I love a body wash that lathers up a lot, which this just doesn’t do.
It’s not a product I would use again, but it would be a good choice if you are specifically looking for vegan skincare.


Overall, this has not been my favourite box in terms of products as there is only a couple that I would use again but it’s been good to try out some other samples I wouldn’t usually pick up and make my mind up on things that I definitely don’t like.


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