5 Summer Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On

As i’m writing this, we’re at the start of what is supposedly going to be the warmest week in the UK so far this year with temperatures of 20ºc. It may not be bikini weather, but we’ve been pushed to get double figures for the last 6 months so i’m not complaining!

With the extra long Winter weather we’ve had I know I for one, have held off buying too much into Summer trends yet with the fear of never being able to actually wear them. So i’ve gone into a bit of a frenzy this week screenshotting all things Summer and filling up my wish lists, so that they are ready and waiting to go on next day delivery for when the warmer weather hits.

One thing I definitely do not have is a real Summery bag option and i’ve seen so many lovely little pieces, so I thought I would talk you through 5 of my favourite styles to get you ready for the Sun.

P.S. You can shop the pieces directly by clicking on each corresponding image below.

The String Shopper
The String Shopper bag is probably one of, if not my favourite style of bag for this Summer. They give me all those ‘living in a hot country, strolling along the beach in a morning to get your fruit’ vibes and I mean, could you wish for anything more? I don’t have one yet, but it’s at the top of my wish list before I go abroad as I think it’s the perfect beach bag or just a casual weekend piece, to pair with a cute summer dress and sandals.

It’s of course not practical enough or big enough for everyday, but who cares because this one is only £22 from Topshop and I can already think of 1000 other occasions to use it for.

Straw Bag

The Wooden Tote
These little wooden tote or over-sized clutch style bags were around last Summer in designer stores, but they are coming through into high street stores this year in various different shades and styles. They are definitely the ‘feature’ piece of an outfit so would be great for a night/ day out or even to take on holiday.

The Zara one below has a little canvas drawstring insert to keep all your personal bits and pieces safe. It’s super cute and unique so get one added to your wardrobe before they go out of stock!Wooden tote

The ACTUAL Basket Bag
So this one’s probably a bit controversial and will split votes by either love it or hate it, there’s not going to be any in between. I personally think it’s very cute – how much I would get to use it is debatable, but still! This basket bag is the ultimate Summer bag, imagine going for a little stroll along the beach or a picnic in the park with this on your arm; I know, cute as hell right. Basket bag

The Vinyl Tote
The Vinyl trend has been big through Winter with vinyl trousers and jackets, but it looks set to travel through Spring and into Summer with the introduction of vinyl bags and shoes. The Zara number below is one of the most usable i’ve seen so far, mainly because it has a fabric bag insert so that you can keep the contents of your bag private whilst still being on trend.

I love that this one has vinyl handles too along with the separate tan strap and detailing.


The Raffia Bag
This Zara raffia bag is hugely popular already and you’ll be lucky to even get your hands on one. As soon as it comes back in stock, it’s gone again so you’ll have to be quick but I think that just proves how much of a star piece it is this season. It’s very practical and wearable, but also really pretty with it’s detachable tassel detail.

Don’t fear if you can’t get your hands on this one as i’ve seen very similar versions in Topshop as well.

Raffia bag

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