So Track Pants are in Style???




IMG_6855 frame


If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram over the last few weeks, you will know that Track Pants are firmly embedding themselves into any fashion girls style diary for the coming season. There’s a lot of sport inspired trends creeping through with track pants, bum bags and huge boxy trainers (one I definitely can’t get on board with) and it’s nice to finally have some key fashion pieces which have a functional and comfort aspect to them as well.

Initially, I wasn’t sure how track pants would fit into my every day style but I LOVE the side stripe trend so I think that helped me buy into them that bit more.

This green, side stripe pair from Bershka absolutely sold themselves to me the second I put them on. They’re made of the softest fabric and have a drawstring waist band so are comfy as hellllllll. 

I think this is one trend that has to be styled up properly to look right; a slogan t-shirt and leather jacket are working for me so far but a structured blazer would style them up even more.


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