Three 2018 Swimwear Trends You’ll Want To Get On Board With

As Spring has finally sprung, I thought i’d jump in with both feet and go for a summer holiday/travel inspired post this week. In all honesty though, it’s a great time of year to be thinking about swimwear choices and starting to building a little collection up. The official ‘holiday season’ really begins in most European destinations mid to the end of April and to be honest, i’m sure I remember the summer sales starting really early last year so if you don’t want to miss out, i’d grab your swimwear now.
Even if you don’t have any travel plans until later in the year, take my advice and STOCK UP. I learnt the hard way last year and really struggled when it came to shopping and packing for some Winter Sun in November.

I’ve chosen three of this years most popular swimwear trends to talk you through. Some of these items are already in my collection for this year and if not, they’re definitely in my wishlist waiting to be ordered…So, let’s get started.

The Belted One-Piece
Belted swimwear?? Yes you read right. This Summer it’s all about the one-piece again, but with the added detail of a waist cinching belt and to me there’s not a more flattering way to show off your figure, whilst staying covered at the same time.

I said it last year and i’ll say it again, when the heck did the swimsuit become so popular?! Honestly, there would have been noway you could get me to even consider any one-piece swimwear a couple of years back but now I absolutely love them and i know i’m not the only one.

The red ASOS piece below comes in a few different colours. I went for the classic black and it really is a beautiful as it looks on the model. It’s cut really high on the leg but I think it needs to be, it really lengthens the legs and cinches in the waist but it also has a low back – just a very stunning all round swimsuit.


a. ASOS High Leg Elastic Waist Swimsuit £16
b. Missguided White Striped Belted Swimsuit £22
c. River Island White Contrast Tie Waist Swimsuit £32


Ribbed style swimwear is one of my favourites from 2017. I find the fabric just amazing because a lot of standard swimwear fabrics can be quite thin and unforgiving, showing all of our lumps and bumps; but the ribbed fabric hides those which is just great!

I had a tangerine colour ribbed bikini last year from ASOS and it was my favourite of all of my swimwear, so that will definitely be coming out to play again.

I’ve seen so many different styles and colours on the high street so it was a task for me to narrow it down to just three to show you, but I think each one of the below would suit a different body type. The two from Topshop are available in loads of different colour ways as well.


d. Topshop Shirred bikini set £26
e. Topshop Ribbed swimsuit £24
f. Twiin Sunset bikini set £50


One Shoulder
If you’re a fan of one shoulder style swimwear, 2018 is the year for you. Again I find this style quite flattering as it’s something to divert the eye, so if there’s any body parts you would rather not be centre of attention you can kind of distract away from them.

I’ve seen a few higher end, designer pieces with huge frills on the shoulder strap and a couple on the high street like the Vero Moda piece below. The frill being the perfect option if diverting the eye is your aim.

The one shoulder can also have quite a sporty vibe, so if you’re not into the whole girly, frilly one piece, go for a sportier two piece and you’ll still be on trend.

One Shoulder copy

g. Monki Mix & Match Bikini Top & Bottoms £23
h. Vero Moda Frill Swimsuit £16
i. Missguided Crochet Bikini Set £25


One a side note to this, is anybody else absolutely loving how much fashion brands are getting on board with not photoshopping and editing their imagery as much? I love that there’s huge brands like ASOS and Missguided who are happy to show off their products on models with stretch marks or a bit of skin pigmentation or cellulite.

We’ve all got something on our bodies we’re not so proud of and it’s good to show young girls that not everyone is perfect, in fact those ‘perfect’ people are very few and far between.

I hope you’ve been able to get a little bit of holiday inspo from today’s post – let me know what other swimwear trends you’re loving this year and if you’re into any of the above styles like me?

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