Things I’ve been Loving…January Edition

January has been a long, cold month and it has definitely taken it’s toll on my skin. I usually have quite oily skin but recently it has been really dry, not to mention dull and tired looking.

Thankfully, I had this Liz Earle ‘Supercharge Your Glow’ set as a Christmas present and it’s the perfect combination of products needed to improve my complexion.

The set comes with a Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, an Instant Boost Skin Tonic, the Superskin Face Serum and two cotton cloths. I think the set itself was a seasonal special for Christmas however all of the individual products should still be available to buy separately.

I’ve found all of the products very gentle on skin but extremely effective.

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The Cleanse & Polish has a lovely consistency, it cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling really hydrated afterwards. I’m a real fan of using cotton cleansing cloths as part of a skincare routine – they help leave your skin feeling a lot cleaner and are a lot gentler than scrubbing at your face with a standard face cloth.

After using the cleanser, next on the agenda is the Instant Boost tonic which I would probably say is my favourite of all the products. This stage of the routine is where your skin really starts to get the ‘glow’ promised. With ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cucumber it’s super revitalising and awakens the skin, the perfect product to follow the cleanser.

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The final product is the Superskin Face Serum. As we know I absolutely love a serum as I think it’s an extra layer of nourishment for your skin and my make up always goes on so much better after using one.

For me, the serum doesn’t have the nicest fragrance but it has a nice consistency and I find adds the final glow to your complexion.

All three products compliment each other so well and definitely do what they promise. My skin is so much brighter and has more of a natural glow since using them, so I don’t need to use so much make up trying to create a superficial glow which is often the case throughout the winter months when we all have to fake it ’til we make it.

I’ve not used any Liz Earle skincare before this, but I am completely sold and will definitely be re-buying all three of these once they run out. I’m not lying when I say I have used them every day throughout January, which is why they had to be my January favourites.

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Have any of you guys used Liz Earle skincare? Are there any other products you would recommend for me to use?

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