How to Stay Stylish in January

So this type of outfit has kind of become my January uniform. It ticks all of my current style requirements for so many reasons; 1. I’m mourning the holiday season so black is very apt, 2. I ate far too much at the family buffet so black hides all those extra lbs. and 3. The focus is on the accessories which I can easily switch up to freshen up the look on a budget.For me, point number 3 above has become key to staying in style throughout January and if you have five minutes to spare I’ll talk you through why.

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January is notorious for pretty much everyone being a bit skint. You’ve over done it on the Christmas pressies and over done it on the partying, then before you know it, it’s the first week in January and you’re checking the calendar for your next payday and counting pennies for your food shop (a little extreme maybe, but nonetheless it’s a tough time!).

So how do you stay stylish everyday when your bank balance says no? Accessorize!


This look is very basic on the face of it, I’m wearing a plain black t-shirt with a feather hem line, black skinny jeans and a grey-black longline coat, but the focus for me is all in the accessories as that’s what makes this outfit standout. Everyone has a couple of hats and different bags in the back of their wardrobe and even if you don’t, accessories are much cheaper to buy than a whole new outfit – especially if you love a bargain like me.

First, let’s talk about the beret. Although we all know I love a hat this is a new one for me. I initially went for the baker boy for my hat of the season, but I wear it allllll the time and needed a change. I picked up this little beauty in Primark for £4 (see, told you I love a bargain) and I can now swap between this, my baker boy and my trusty fedora depending on the look I want to go for.


Next up the shoes which are from Zara. I had these as a Christmas pressie and I absolutely ADORE them. The laces say ‘Unstoppable & Ambitious’ which is my mantra for this year and they go with so many different outfits. I’ve worn them so far with skinny jeans, culottes and even a sports luxe style trouser. They are new season (winner) at £29.99 but I have seen a boot version in the Zara sale with the exact same laces so get them while you can!
DoubleThe final accessory for this look is my bag – again a Zara piece. All my bags are either big and bulky or far too small (as in my purse won’t fit into them) so I picked this as an inbetween for those days when I just want to grab my phone, purse, lipgloss and go. When I saw it I loved that the main body of the bag was actually flat, a bit like an envelope style and I’m always a sucker for a bit of gold hardware on a bag. But it’s stylish without being too much, which is why it’s a current favourite of mine.


I think you’ll agree that all three of the accessories mentioned are what finish the look but also, I could style this same outfit with a pair of sock boots, fedora and cute tote bag to completely change the vibe.

So that’s how to Stay Stylish in January – maximise key accessories and spend what spare money you do have buying on-trend bargain pieces you can swap out to change your look day-by-day.



Shop the look
Beret – Primark (similar here)
Bag – Zara
Shoes – Zara
Boots mentioned above – Zara
Feather hem T-shirt – Zara
Jeans – ASOS
Coat – M&S (similar here)

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