Things I’ve been loving…December Edition

It’s that time of the month again and this time, my favourites are made up of products I discovered either just before I went on holiday, or actually while I was away and have become some of my most loved products since. 

IMG_4768 new

Cover FX Fixing Powder

So first up, is the Cover FX Fixing Powder in shade ‘Light’. I have been after a translucent fixing powder for a while and had my eyes on the Laura Mercier version as I’ve seen so many good reviews and seen it featured on loads of YouTube videos, make up tutorials etc.
The thing is I don’t actually wear too much make up – mainly because I’m rubbish at it, but also because I prefer to focus on the skin underneath being the best it can be. So although I had one on my wish list for a while, I never took the plunge because I wasn’t sure whether I really needed one. Until…I found myself in Sephora in Times Square where let’s face it; is the time to go a little crazy and buy whatever you want.

I absolutely love this fixing powder and it stopped me shining bright like a diamond while in the humidity of Mexico, so following that it was always going to be a win. I naturally have a really shiny t-zone and can never manage to get round it so I’m so happy I finally picked one of these powders up.

Double Cover FX 1

Maybelline Tattoo Brow

I have my eyebrows tinted and threaded every 3 weeks and although it’s great at the time, the tint doesn’t last the full time between visits.
Recently I saw that Maybelline had released a new brow product called Tattoo Brow, which is basically a semi-permanent gel that you paint onto your eyebrows to tint the area. I’ll admit, it’s a tad scary the first time you pull out the applicator covered in a dark gel and start to paint it on your face but trust me, it’s probably THE BEST affordable, brow tint I’ve bought on the high street. It’s so simple to use and lasts about 3-4 days.
I took mine with me to Mexico and it enabled me to top up my brows half-way through the trip.

IMG_4758 new

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The Kiehl’s Concentrate is another product I’ve been lusting after for a while and again, I picked this up while in Sephora in New York. I’m such a fan of oils and serums especially for use overnight and I’d read a lot of good reviews on this specific one. Its ingredients include Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender and Squalane bringing so many good skin benefits and ultimately giving your skin a huge moisture boost.
I would probably say that I use the oil in my skincare routine a few nights a week and the morning after my skin feels so nourished and hydrated – perfect for this time of year and anyone who needs that extra hydration all year round. For anyone looking to buy it, it lives up to its reputation and does not disappoint.


So, that’s it for this month guys. Let me know if you use any of these products and what your thoughts are. I’ve had loads of new products for Christmas so look out for those reviews and first impressions coming soon. Have a great week ahead! x


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