Five Autumn/Winter Essentials

The shift from Summer to Autumn style-wise, can often be quite daunting for most of us. We go from feeling super comfortable in lightweight, easy to wear dresses and sandals to wondering why all of a sudden our toes are absolutely freezing in the same shoes we wore with absolutely no problem the week before. Usually around this time the shops hit us with a thousand new styles all at once and unless you’re in a very well paid job, it’s unlikely that you can go out and invest in all the key trend-led pieces at once.

I’ve been having an internal debate with myself over the last couple of weeks, trying to decide which pieces are for me and if they will fit in with my personal style as well as bringing a fresh look into my wardrobe for the new season.

So here are 5 of the key pieces I feel can fit into your everyday wardrobe without too much fuss…


-The Teddy Bear Coat
Ahhh the Teddy Bear coat. I was a little unsure when I first saw these hitting the shops, I’m so much more of a tailored coat kinda gal. Longline, double breasted, wool blend with a nice collar is my go-to style and I couldn’t see how this new style would fit in with my every day look. Until I tried one on…
The teddy bear coat is the ideal Autumn/Winter staple for any casual look. Not to mention, it’s sooooooooooo cosy and who doesn’t want to be warm and cosy?? Throw it on with an oversized knit and skinny jeans and it becomes the focal point of your outfit. Style it with one or two key pieces below and you have a full, on-trend look to carry you through the season.


12 frame

-Baker Boy Hat
Like many fashion lovers all over the world right now, I ADORE the baker boy trend. It’s one of the most stylish hats around at the moment and for me has taken over my love for the trusty fedora I would usually run to. Plain black with some gold detailing is the easiest way to fit this piece into your everyday look, but I’ve seen so many variations on this including black or navy velvet and even a grey check.

-Mom or Wide Leg Jeans
As I mentioned in my previous blog post about being Stuck in a Style Rut, it can be so easy to find your perfect fit of jeans (for me it’s the high-waisted skinny) and just buy the same pair on repeat. This Autumn, if like me you’re looking to step away from the skinny,  I would advise trying out the mom jean or the cropped wide leg, both of which are complimented by a tucked in roll neck and blazer – again two trends in one if you go for the Prince of Wales check blazer. On first glance, yes the cropped wide leg might look like it has dropped straight out of the ’70’s but trust me they will carry you through to Spring in the most style friendly of ways.



-Pyjama Style Everything
The pyjama style shirt has stuck around for the last 12 months, firmly embedding itself into our wardrobes and #ootd’s. This season, the pyjama trend has been taken a step further the standard shirts and jackets, to full head-to-toe PJ inspired trouser suits. If the full pyjama suit doesn’t take your fancy, maybe try pairing the trousers with a plain top or the jacket with some jeans to create a more casual look.



2 frame

-Prince of Wales Check Blazer
I won’t bang on about this too much because I’ve already written a whole blog post on my favourite version of the POW check blazer which you can read here. What I will say is that once you invest, this will definitely become a wardrobe staple for the Autumn months. I’ve worn mine so many times already. The versatility means it can be a daytime or night time piece, it can be worn open over a slogan t-shirt or belted at the waist over a lace cami to completely change the look. Head over to my Instagram to see how I styled mine with my lovely little baker boy hat here.



So thats five essential pieces I would recommend for anyone looking for a wardrobe update this November. Let me know what you think and if you have any other key trends you would recommend this Autumn.

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