Polaroids from Amsterdam

So I’m off on holiday next month -hoorah! I’ve never done a ‘Winter Sun’ holiday before and I don’t quite know how I feel about it all to be very honest. I feel like I have waited a lifetime for a break and it’s so hard to go through the summer months watching everyone around you take annual leave and go on their own family holidays when you still have months to wait yourself. It has most definitely been a long time coming but with a month to go everything now seems worth the wait and I can feel that this is going to be one hell of a trip.

As you can imagine, I have travel on my mind constantly at the moment and because of this I have been reminiscing on trips I made last year – one of those being a mid-week break to Amsterdam. I took so many photos whilst we were away and only ever really shared a couple on Instagram, so I thought I would take the time to share them with you now in a small snapshot of the city from my eyes.

Double 1 new


Single 2 new


I found Amsterdam such a pretty city to walk around, from the canals to the beautiful architecture of the buildings there is so much to see whichever way you turn. The buildings in particular have been built with such strong design features in mind, all so tall and slim with huge doorways and high reaching window frames – I instantly fell in love (as you can tell from the million photographs I took).

Double 2 writing


Double 3



Double 4.jpg

The city was non-stop but I found it so calming at the same time. It’s a dream for anyone with a creative mind because its so diverse and there’s inspiration to be found round every corner.


That’s it for my snapshot of Amsterdam guys – I hope you liked the polaroids! More travel posts to come soon…

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