Stuck in a Style Rut

Recently I’ve been really struggling with what to buy and how to style my clothes. I always feel similar at this time of year, as I find that the weather is so up and down, then the shops are full of sale items and not enough choice for between seasons, when the weather is not warm anymore but also not cold enough yet for coats and woolly hats. I get myself into a little rut wearing the same few pieces on rotation and from what I hear – I’m not the only one!

Once you’re stuck in a ‘style rut’ struggling with what to wear, it becomes far too easy to stay inside your comfort zone continuously wearing lots of ‘safe’ items you know you can throw on pretty much whatever the weather or occasion. For me, I get so bored and frustrated after a while and begin to hate everything I own. So… what’s the best way to get out of the rut?? Get out of your comfort zone!

This is something I’ve decided to make a conscious effort towards, and I’ve really tried to pick up some pieces recently that either I would have never chosen before or simply things that I have nothing similar to in my wardrobe already.

If you’re feeling similar, keep reading for my 5 tips on stepping out of your comfort zone and GETTING OUT OF THAT RUT.



  1. Clear out your wardrobe
    The very first and probably the most important stage is to clear out your wardrobe. I always like to have the standard seasonal switch over, where I put away all the summer dresses and sandals and pull out my knitwear and boots. During the switch over, it’s an ideal opportunity to throw out anything you aren’t really feeling anymore. This will stop you repeating the same old striped top and skinny jeans over and over – you know those things you don’t actually love but feel so comfortable wearing you just throw them on far too often.
  2. Accessorise
    For me, one of the easiest ways to step out of your comfort zone without going too wild is with the accessories you choose. One of the most simple ways to do this, is with a hat. I looooooooove a good hat and I’m particularly loving the baker boy hat right now (as is everyone else).
    If you don’t fancy a hat, try a patterned or bright coloured scarf, a good old over-sized waist belt or even a pair of statement sock boots to switch up your style and add something different to your look.IMG_2415
  3. Add a colour pop
    Ok so I’ll admit, this ones not the easiest for me because we all know black is an absolute wardrobe staple for me, but when I’m feeling particularly uninspired I make a conscious effort to shop for more colour. This Autumn/Winter, red is a huge colour so if you’re unsure of where to head with it – thats a good start!
  4.  Switch up your denim
    For a long time, I’ve stuck to the classic high-waist skinny jean. Black, light wash, mid-wash, ripped, pockets, no pockets, frayed hem, I’ve got pairs upon pairs of them. I think jean shopping can be so difficult so it’s easy to get comfortable once you find a pair that fits. I have known so many people (myself included) to buy the same pair of black Topshop Joni jeans month after month because the fit and style are so perfect they never want to change.
    Eventually this just leads to every outfit feeling the same, so this season I’m moving away from the skinny (slightly) and going for different styles including the mom jean and the wide leg cropped jean in order to be more adventurous.IMG_2416
  5. Be true to yourself
    This one might sound obvious, but you will never feel comfortable in your new buys unless you are true to your own style. So by all means get out of your comfort zone this Autumn and go for something you wouldn’t usually buy, but don’t get too caught up in the madness of wanting something new, take your time making a decision and ensure what you choose fits with your personal sense of style.
    Don’t just buy something on a whim because its in fashion or all over Instagram. You will hate it 5 minutes after you leave the house and end up going right back to the same 5 outfits you wear on repeat, with your new pieces in the back of your wardrobe.

Do you guys have any tips for managing the seasonal style rut? What do you do to get out of your style rut?

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