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Let me start off this post by saying I AM SO READY FOR AUTUMN. I mean, i’m not going to pretend that I won’t be so ready for summer in about a month, but for the time being I am absolutely loving the orange and red hues from the scatters of fallen leaves everywhere I look and that I can layer up, outdoor and indoors in the cosiest of knitwear, not to mention the countless marshmallow-topped hot chocolates that I manage to fit in whenever and wherever I can.

One of the reasons I love Autumn so much, is because Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and naturally the further we get into the later months of the year, the closer we get to Christmas. As a side note – I actually started my Christmas shopping today, in a bid to not have a mad dash Christmas week like I seem to do every, single, year (I’ll let you know how I get on).

Throughout Summer, I always put so much pressure on myself to “go out and make the most of the weather” which means every spare second I get I will be outside enjoying a walk, going for a picnic or BBQ, driving out to find new pretty little villages to wander round or sat in a beer garden sipping on an assortment of different G&T’s. Basically, I will try and think of anything to do which is not indoors and I don’t think it’s a particularly bad way to spend my time – far from bad in fact, but it can get to the point where I feel guilty just for being sat on the sofa when the sun is shining outside! Not to mention that sometimes being constantly out and about takes a lot of time and effort, which can become very tiring.

So, with the colder months upon us I am very grateful to be able to put my pj’s on at 5.30pm, light some candles and get cosy under a blanket with a good cup of tea and absolutely no pangs of guilt for not making the most of the weather.

With my excitement for the change in seasons, comes my excitement for the new season fashion trends and so last weekend I decided to get out my new aviator, that’s been tucked away in my wardrobe since it hit the stores in early August. I’ve been dying to wear it for a couple of months now but it’s fully lined with a kind of faux fur fabric so as you can imagine it’s been near on impossible to wear until now.

If you cast your mind back, you will remember that Zara did a similar jacket last year with the black faux fur cuffs and collar, something that I’ve seen in virtually every other high street retailer already this Autumn. I was verrrrry tempted with the all black style, as I never got my hands on it last Winter, however I much prefer the contrast of the creamy beige lining on this one. There are two front pockets and all of the buckles and zips are gold, something I also love as I only ever wear gold or rose gold coloured jewellery.

It’s a stunner of a jacket that I’ll be throwing on over so many outfits this Autumn/Winter and it’s still in stock now so you can get your hands on it by following the link below.

Shop the Jacket
Zara Aviator

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