The Season For Stripes


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Whether you like it or not, it’s pretty clear that stripes are in. I mean for me stripes are always in, i can never get enough of them but over the Summer we’ve particularly seen more pairs of striped trousers than ever before.
I’ll admit to owning quite a few pairs, like I said, I love stripes.

You will have no doubt seen these alllll over Instagram by now, but if not i’m here to bring you up to speed. They are a Missguided pair that are taking the trouser world by storm and they are absolutely as amazing as they look.
The fit, shape and length are perfect and they have pockets (which we all know is my favourite detail on any item of clothing).

If you love stripes and a good pair of trousers as much as I do, I would strongly advise buying these – I know you won’t be able to take them off!

Shop the trousers – Missguided Wide Leg Trouser

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