Twenty Eight Things I’ve Learnt At 28

We are just over a week since I celebrated my 28th birthday and for this post I thought I would enlighten you all with 28 things life has taught me so far.
Now this post doesn’t contain all my deepest, most serious life thoughts, it’s mainly just a bit of fun so if you fancy it keep reading.. and without further a do here’s Twenty Eight things I’ve learnt at 28;

1-28 is not actually old (or so I’ve tried to tell myself) – I may not be the youngest little egg anymore, but there’s still a long way to go and if I can live as long as my Nana at her current age of 94, maybe then I can say i’m old!

2-As a teenager, you look at people in their 20’s and think they’re ‘grown ups’ with their lives all figured out. You couldn’t be more wrong.

3-A cup of tea can help EVERY situation feel even that little bit better.

4-As a woman, you will 100% turn into your mum at some point in life.

5-Getting in bed at 7.30pm after a bad day at work/school/uni is absolutely acceptable and those who judge have obviously never experienced a day on this scale.

6-Everyone blags it at some point in their life – even that super confident work colleague is actually flapping like a little duck under water but you would never know.

7-All mums and dads put on a weird accent when ordering food on holiday because they think the waiter will understand them better.

8-Everyone’s life has its own timings so never compare your journey to someone else’s.

9-Always be kind as you never know what someone else is going through.

10-A smile spreads like wildfire.

11-Worrying about events you have no control over will never change the potential outcome.

12-Planning is good, but nothing beats a spontaneous day or night out with loved ones.

13-Your school days will always be some of your best. The memories made can’t be beaten and your mum is right – you will miss it when you leave.

14-Some days you just need a duvet day – and thats ok 🙂

15-Princess spaghetti on toast is a perfectly acceptable dinner for a 28 year old woman and can actually much improve a very bad day.

16-You can never have too many pairs of shoes, or too many jackets.

17-Travel is one of the most rewarding and magical things in life.

18-Everyone secretly looks forward to the Autumn/Winter months when you don’t need an excuse for pj’s and hot chocolates at 4pm.

19-As you get older, you realise your mum does give some pretty ok advice and she isn’t just trying to get on your case as previously thought.

20-A hangover turns into a 3-day long affair once you are over the age of 25 – so make the most of it while you can. Planning a night out around whether you can slob in the house for the following 48-72 hours is not fun.

21-Look after your skin – always.

22-Laughter will cure you on the most saddest of days, even if only for a second.

23-The little things in life create moments you will treasure and tell stories about forever.

24-Tequila and champagne do not mix well. In any lifetime. EVER.

25-On that note, tequila doesn’t mix well with anything! But you will have some pretty good nights out to remember (or not).

26-Christmas is absolutely THE best and most magical time of the year.

27-Working hard on something you love makes your soul happy. No matter how much work, time and effort you have to put in.

28-Every day is a huge blessing so make the most of, and appreciate each one.


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