The importance of doing what you love..

Recently i’ve been thinking a lot about how much I love my blog and although it’s still very small in comparison to others, the amount of positivity and change it’s brought into my life – even at this early stage. It’s really made me think about the importance of doing what you love and how much of an influence doing something you truly love can have on your life.

I’ve wanted to start some kind of fashion related blog for years upon years now. I’ve studied 2 degrees at University over the space of 5/6 years and throughout that time it’s always been on my mind. So why has it taken me this long to start one? A lack of confidence mainly and constantly worrying about what other people would think.

“Will people even be interested in what I post?” “WHY would people be interested in what I post?” “There are so many amazing bloggers out there already” “Am I fashionable enough to have my own fashion and style blog?”

Thoughts like this have stopped me doing something I really wanted to do for years! It’s crazy if you think about it, but I know i’m not the only one.

Since graduating from University i’ve worked at various places, all completely unrelated to what I studied for, one being travel (which I absolutely loved) and I’m currently working in a mobile telecommunications Contact Centre. The roles that I’ve done have not been centred around design, fashion or creativity at all and with that I feel like i’ve lost a bit of myself as each year has gone by. Any creativity I have, I will express through the clothes I buy and how I dress everyday but you can never go too OTT for a day in the office – i’m sure there would be a few funny stares here and there.

Late last year i decided to stop caring what other people would think and to start a blog for me. To allow myself to be creative again and to allow myself to do more of something I love. I wish I could put into words how much of an impact my blog has had in such a small space of time but I am honestly so, so glad that I decided to start it. I wish I’d had the confidence to start it a long time ago.


Skirt-9 border



The day we took these photos I had been working all week, had one day off, it had rained all day and I honestly thought I was going to have no content (again) for another week – but the sun came out at about 8pm so we quickly ran out to take a few quick shots and voila! Yes it’s tiring and a lot of hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I love being able to be more creative and put together outfit ideas to share with people across the world. I take so much myself from reading other peoples blogs, so I hope that mine can similarly be a place of both inspiration and encouragement for you.

If you’re in a similar place to what I was, and you’re letting the fear of other peoples opinions/thoughts stop you doing something in life – my advice is to just go ahead and do it. Something big or small can have the biggest positive impact on your life and why let someone else stop your life being the best it can be!

Double .jpg

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2 thoughts on “The importance of doing what you love..

  1. How true, the way you live your life is your story, your life is a story with a heartbeat. Each one of us has the capacity to influence others in a positive way. Thank you for sharing a little more personal stuff in your blog, it is inspirational. Looking forward to the next one.


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