The Holiday Edit: 4 Week Countdown

Morning Guys and Gals! As a part of THE HOLIDAY EDIT series, I thought I would share with you how I go about my 4 week holiday countdown. As you will probably see there is quite a lot of prep work that goes into my travels, so god help me if I ever decide to book a last minute trip – I can only imagine the sheer carnage and panic!

4 Weeks To Go: 
So with 4 weeks ’til D-Day, I usually start to have a ‘bikini bod’ meltdown and realise I’m nowhere near beach ready for this holiday that I’ve probably had booked for at least 12 months. So begin the gym visits and healthy eating (i.e crash diet of starvation). No but in all seriousness, at this stage I will usually try to exercise 2-3 times a week, as well as cutting out most of the ‘bad’ foods from my diet. As well as this, I will step up my exfoliation game and use some more intense products to really get my skin silky smooth.
Finally, I’ll usually get out all of my holiday clothes from the previous year to decide what I can re-use and what I definitely can’t – got to make room for the 15 new bikinis I 100% need (as per my swimwear post here).

3 Weeks To Go:
At this stage, I start panic buying as I realise I won’t actually re-use any of my holiday clothes as I’ve either gone up 2 dress sizes since last year, or just plain and simply because I don’t want to. Does anyone else go on a mad panic through their best friends Instagram/depop to find clothes you can beg or borrow (and potentially steal) – or is that just me? Which ever way I go about it, the 3 week stage sees me ordering and accumulating a hoard of new clothes and outfit planning the hell out of them until I feel calm again.


2 Weeks To Go:
I like to think of myself as quite an organised person, so at 2 weeks before my holidays I will start to get out bits I won’t need to use and either pack them into a bag or start a little ‘holiday pile’. I will also go and do my toiletry shop which is actually one of my favourites! Although it tends to cost a small fortune I absolutely love picking my suncreams and miniature toiletries, I think it starts to feel more real and so much more exciting!
Now’s also the time to start off a good Spotify playlist for by the pool. You need a good couple of weeks to build it up and add any random oldies you hear on the radio from now until you fly.

1 Week To Go:
1 week, 7 days, 168 little hours – why does it always seem like there’s still so much to do?! However much I plan and prep, I always manage to forget something until right at the last minute.
Aside from the mad panic, this is also my favourite part of holiday prep. Not only because it’s almost holiday time but because it’s pamper time! and what pamper is better than a holiday pamper?!! NONE.
Nails, brows, lashes, hair – it’s time to go out and get it all done. I don’t care what anyone says, no one feels better than a freshly pampered, holiday ready hun.


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