I don’t know about you, but I honestly think I need a spa day at least once a month to relax and escape from the craziness that is everyday life. I know I’m not the only one guilty of getting wrapped up in the daily routine of sleep, eat, work and repeat and I honestly think we should all take some more time every now and then, to take a step back and have a good old rest.

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Moddershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat and a good old rest was the main thing on my mind. I have recently moved house and this trip came at the end of a long week of hauling heavy furniture, unpacking boxes and living out of bags – trust me, it was well earned!

We opted for the Sparkling Afternoon package, which gives you full use of all the amazing spa facilities 12-5pm and then a champagne afternoon tea in the restaurant.

On our arrival we were greeted with a welcome drink, robes, towels and flip flops to use during our stay, then after a quick change into our swimwear we headed up to the outdoor spa area which is the newest section of the spa. Here, there is a huge heated spa pool surrounded by cushioned loungers and an outdoor fire – it’s the perfect place to sit and relax sipping a coffee and reading magazines.
We visited on an afternoon in April and the weather was so much better than we expected – I honestly felt like I was on holiday lounging by the pool in my bikini and robe, sipping on a cappuccino. There are even fluffy blankets across some of the loungers in case you do get a bit colder. I have been here on an evening spa package before and sat outside until 10pm curled up next to the fire.


After indulging ourselves with an amazing Deli Board and some Mojitos, we ventured inside to the indoor section of the spa which is absolutely beautiful. There are so many features from a good sized swimming pool and heated beds to an ‘experience’ shower and hydrotherapy Jacuzzi style pool (my absolute fave).


We could have lounged around the spa for hours upon hours but before we knew it, 4pm had arrived and it was time for our Champagne afternoon tea!

When going down to the restaurant for afternoon tea, you can choose to get dressed or stay in your robe – obviously we opted for the latter, as do most – why put an end to the relaxation before you absolutely have to? The restaurant is actually situated by the lake and is so serene and peaceful, you never want to leave. The afternoon tea itself, has been upgraded since I last went and what a treat the new menu is.

Afternoon Tea

Moddershall AT

All in all, we had such a great day and if you are looking for a spa day, spa break or even just somewhere to go for an extra special afternoon tea I would highly recommend Moddershall Oaks. I have visited a few different spas and this is by far top of my list.




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