Sunday has long been one of my favourite days of the week. I think it’s the kind of ‘no pressure, do-what-you-like’ vibe the day brings. There are literally no rules to what you should be doing on a Sunday & I think that’s why I love it so much.

As a wise individual once said ‘A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content’ and this is something I absolutely believe to be true.

A Soulful Sunday to me, is one that makes your soul truly happy and sets you up ready for the week ahead. So, as I love them so much, I thought I would share some of my tips on how to have a truly soul fulfilling day.

Breakfast Time
First things first it’s breakfast. Whether you choose to wake up early or enjoy a bit of a lie in, a good breakfast (or brunch depending on the length of your lie in) is a Soulful Sunday must. Find a good playlist and take your time making it. Pancakes with all the trimmings, bacon butties or a full English are usually my Sunday brunch go-to’s.

The Great Outdoors
Whatever the weather, get out your old converse and go for a big old walk. Fresh air always seems fresher on a Sunday! And it’s a good way to clear your mind ready for the new week. Whether you go with family, friends or alone I think getting at one with nature is a must – and it will help that full English go down with a little less guilt!

Sunday Movie Marathon
After a long afternoon walk there is nothing like getting home, putting the kettle on and settling down to a good old fashioned ‘Sunday’ film. The 80’s classics are some of my faves – Back to the Future, Beverly Hills Cop, The Goonies – anything feel good and easy to watch is a yes from me.

Me (or you) Time
Every Sunday, I like to indulge in a mammoth pamper session to make me feel fresh for the coming week. Everything from a face mask and hair mask, through to a mani/pedi and an extra long bubble bath with an added lush bath bomb or 2.

Soulful Sleeping
Last, but definitely not least is my favourite tip for ending your Soulful Sunday – getting tucked up into freshly washed sheets!! In my eyes, there is absolutely no other way to end a perfect day and make sure you get your beauty sleep ready for Monday morning.

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