Here we are, halfway through March and I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is finally the official start of Spring (YAY).

In fashion terms, we all know what that means – another excuse to scour the shops and treat ourselves to an array of new season goodies. So all in the name of fashion, I’ve been scrolling the ‘New In’ pages for a good few weeks now trying to decide what trends I’m going to pick up for the new season, what suits me colour and style wise so that I can curate a decent ‘Spring’ wardrobe to be proud of.

I am Zaras biggest fan right now, to the point where I can’t go a day without finding something new to add to my wish list but when I saw this cute little embroidered jacket, it had skipped the wish list and secured a place in my shopping basket within 60 seconds.

I’ll admit, this jacket may not be the most wearable item – by this I mean that I’m not going to be able to wear it most days as it simply will not go with everything. But it’s just so pretty!! The detail on the back makes it such a special piece and the shape is so flattering. It’s really lightweight and fits perfectly with the embroidered trend we are seeing everywhere right now.

For me its an ideal transitional jacket to take me through to those warmer days and lighter spring nights.

walk 2.jpg



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