When your PJ’s are far too fancy for bedtime..

We all have those days where we would quite happily wake up and go to work wearing our comfiest, cosiest PJ’s – dressing gown and duvet in tow. You might be one of the lucky few whose employer has thrown a ‘pyjama day’ for Charity so you have actually gone to work wearing your fave onesie & slippers.

As much as we might wish, stripy pyjama leggings and unicorn slippers are not acceptable for every day wear but there is still a way to have a PJ Day, everyday.

Luckily for us gals, there has been a huge focus recently on pyjama style shirts – and here’s the best bit; who says we have to stick to the ‘clothing’ section of the store when searching for our PJ day wear?

Just before Christmas I found the amazing piece below in the Rosie for Autograph loungewear range in M&S. I originally ordered the full set to wear as lounge/nightwear but once I saw how beautiful the print and fabric was I could not keep it to the confines of my bedroom.

There are so many options on the high street right now, so start shopping and get ready to have your very own PJ day..





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