A Quick Hello..

Hi! And a massive, warm welcome to my blog.

I’m a textile design and fashion buying graduate, I love all things fashion and the main reason for me taking the plunge ~ after about 3 years of procrastinating ~ and starting a blog is for me to have a bit of an outlet to be creative again I suppose.

There are so many blogs out there that provide me with inspiration and direction for different areas of my life, so creating a blog myself is a way of me curating all the things I love in one place and being able to share that with the world, hopefully inspiring a few of you guys along the way too.

I’m hoping you will like what you see but ultimately, if you like anything fashion and interiors, as well as a bit of travel thrown in there too, I’m sure you’ll find something here to help you pass the time on those lazy Sunday mornings in bed…

2 thoughts on “A Quick Hello..

  1. Finally 🙂 So happy you’ve taken the plunge!
    Can’t wait for those lazy Sundays with a brew and a cheeky piece of chocolate, reading your posts 🙂


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